Which balancer?

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    My e-bike setup:
    1000W 48v brushless motor
    1000W 48v brushless motor controller
    48v 10Ah (Headway 38120L 10Ah LiFePO4) battery pack

    I am going to swap my original balancer with another one from China. The one on the right (attached photo) is original and come with 48v 20Ah (Headway 38120L 10Ah LiFePO4) battery pack which I had to cut in a half and turn it into 10 Ah battery to decrease weight. The new balancer is dedicated for the 16x38120L battery pack.But the voltage on both balancers is different.Also, I have concern if new balancer will work with original charger (photo attached). I will really appreciate any help.

    balancers.jpg IMAG0117.jpg

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