Which chainring?

I'm looking for advice on selecting the correct chainring for my ebike build.

The base bike will be a Specialized Roll Sport comfort bike. I'm 64 and ride mostly on paved bike trails and secondary streets. Lots of moderate hills around my home. Not a commuter. I also will not be installing the throttle. I want to pedal and want some assistance from the motor, not an electric motorcycle. Battery I'm leaning towards is a dolphin 48v.

Buying a BBS02 kit from Luna and I have a few options regarding the chainring. They are 46/48/52 tooth. Any thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.
I have other questions, but will post those separately.


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Your current bike uses a 48/38/28 chain ring. You can go with a 46 or 48. The 52 will be too big and probably require you to get a longer chain. If you ride mainly with the 48 right now (your current largest front chain ring) then stick with the 48, otherwise get the 46. Its not ideal, but will be slightly easier to pedal.