Which locking device?


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I like the Abus Bordo xplus 6500 folding lock. It is pricey, and it is heavy. However, it’s less bulky than a chain, and is easier to work with than a ulock if you have a bike with fat-tires.

Tars Tarkas

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Any recommendation in the $150 range?
The 6500 is about $400, I think.
As Dave said, the ABUS Bordo Granit X Plus 6500/85cm is available all over the place for $150.

You don't say what kind of bike you have. I got the 6500/110cm lock for my fat tire RadRover. The extra length really helps with my tires. It's pretty much only available in Europe though. I found mine in Spain.

Again, perhaps depending on the value of your bike or how much you want it to still be there when you come back to it, and where/for how long you want to lock it up, two or even three locking devices can be a good idea.



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I'm using the ABUS Bordo Granit X Plus 6500/110cm folding lock, and an Abus frame lock.
The length of the Bordo is very helpful locking the bike to a tree or lamp mast.
The frame lock is additional, or convenient at short stops.
I like the combination.


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Abus 540 is I believe the highest rated u lock there is for $120 or so. It is stronger than the bordo 6500. By some reviewers is is the best bike lock of any sort.

I have the bordo 6410/110. A bit weaker than the 6500 but it seems pretty strong. I like the length and the flexibility. I like the holder attached to my frame. It is better than a u lock in those ways.

I am about to order the abus 540 u lock also so I can double lock it and not worry at all.

I also have a cheap cable that I put through the wheels.

I was thinking of ordering the lite lock gold wearable lock also to replace the cable, but I might put that off.

To really not worry there is the abus extreme u lock. On the abus scale of 1 to 15 it is rated as a 20. It is over $200 and it weighs over 8 pounds. I decided that was a little overkill for my situation.

bob armani

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I have the OnGuard 8001 Brute U-lock which has a rating of 95 on their scale with 17mm hardened steel shackle. Also have the OnGuard titanium shackle chain for transport. The U-lock is used primarily for night time lockup. They both have very good ratings, and priced a lot less than the Krypto locks with nearly the same levels of security.