Why 8 mph at level 1


I’ve trained my dog to run next to my bike. She trots at about 6 mph. I’ve been looking to purchase a ebike but cadence ebikes seem to all go at 8mph in the lowest level. Why?


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Hmm, that's an interesting question. I feel that it's kind of subjective, because the levels are slightly different for each bike... and some have 3 levels of assist while others have 5 or even 8. Do you wish that level 1 would go slower than 8mph... I feel like this question is most relevant for affordable cadence sensing electric bikes, many of which use the same 12 or 6 magnet disc sensors (exposed or sealed) and those bikes generally have planetary geared hub motors. Many of these ebikes have displays which have settings that allow you to adjust the top speed, but this won't necessarily tune level 1 down proportionally. In short... I guess 8mph is just efficient for the motor and slightly faster than the 4 to 6mph speed of many walk modes.

You can usually enter into a display for an ebike by holding the up and down keys, or plus and minus keys simultaneously, or you can double tap the power button or hold the i button or settings button. Also, walk mode is usually activated by holding the minus or down arrow... some systems have a dedicated walk mode button. I hope this helps! This question is pretty fringe in my opinion, so I'm not planning to make a video response. Thanks for posting though, and I'll check in on any reply you make ;)


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The Escooter I ride has cruise control that i can set at 3 mph or above. I have not dealt with levels. sorry.


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I think this is a very common problem with Cadence bikes a lot of them go 12 mph in level one, it’s ridiculous

you might do better with the torque sensor

think my bagibike goes faster than 6 mph in level one but I will try to check that out in a few days if I get a chance to ride it

just got my Bafang ultra bike and will see what I can do in level One on it

my old rad rover cut power at 6 mph in level One but they don’t use that controller anymore

That cruise control might work and it seems like Juiced Bikes has that maybe-but you would need to contact them to see how low it can be set or ask some of the guys on the juiced forum

good luck with this, I know it’s a hassle how fast some of the cadence bikes go in The low levels


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I agree with Vincent. If you get a cadence sensor bike to top out at 8 mph, it's unusually low.