Why distributors buy the BBS/BBSHD aluminum chain rings from Lekkie, not BTN electric bike directly?

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  1. Hangzhou BTN ebike

    Hangzhou BTN ebike New Member

    I am wondering Why distributors buy the BBS/BBSHD aluminum chain rings from Lekkie, not BTN electric bike directly?

    We can make/design different kind of chain rings for BBS/BBSHD and our ebikes, and it is much cheaper than lekkie offer(they also made the chain rings in china, but sell in US,NZ,Au......)

    That is why making the price pretty high.

    Just an idea, and welcome to test our chain rings.

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  3. Thomas Jaszewski

    Thomas Jaszewski Active Member

    You do not list price and color available? It is hard to buy with no information! No price and no link to order!!

    Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.47.23 PM.png
  4. Lost

    Lost Active Member

    Good luck with that. Looks like post and run.

    You know why I like Amazon? Click click done. I may pay a little more here and there, but it shows up on my porch in a few days with zero hassle. The O.P. would do well by trying Amazon.
  5. Thomas Jaszewski

    Thomas Jaszewski Active Member

    No, actually I got a quick response. I've been familiar with them for a couple of years. A good reseller in my experience.

    FWIW. One has to pay attention on Amazon these days. IF the seller is not fulfilled by Amazon they COULD be one of MANY China based resellers and the product takes weeks. Often slower than Aliexpress resllers. But often they are more apporopriate sources for hobbyists and builders. I just purchased enough parts to build RC batteries for my barber with 18650 batteries. We'll build 2 cell packs for under $5 rather than the $25 Ni Mh packs.

    I've found that if I order bike parts through my LBS I get Amazon prices or near enough to support him, and it takes 24-48 hours to have them in his shop. I try LBS first, Amazon, then China. But again there are China sellers on Amazon that can take weeks. I pay close attention to ship dates now. VBG

    I deleted my posts as I overlooked the response. If anyone is interested I can report the results by private message. If I buy a sample to try, I'll review it. It appears they have used the high quality Aluminum as claimed.
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