Wider / fatter tires for Haibike Sduro 5.0

Discussion in 'Haibike Forum' started by Andrei, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Andrei

    Andrei New Member

    I have a Sduro 5.0 equipped with Schwalbe Smart Sam 27.5 - ETRTO: 57-559 (2.25")
    an d the rims are Rodi BLACKROCK 23.2 mm interior diameter.
    I wat to try some wider / fatter tires.
    Has anyone tried to install wider tires on the Sduro 5.0 ?
    My choices are between :
    - Schwalbe Smart Sam Performance 27.5 x 2.60 ETRTO 65-584
    - CST C1846 Patrol 27.5x2.80 ERTRO: 71–584
    I have attached the measurements of the gap between the tire and the frame.
    I am worried that the CST will not fit.
    Can someone give me a hint ?

    Thank you

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