Will this Em3ev basket work as a complete kit?


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Hi EBR kit gurus,
I’m just wondering if the more experienced forum kit building members could review this TC3080 basket I have created from Em3ev https://em3ev.com/shop/crystalyte-kit/ and give me some advice please

Will all these items go together and work as a complete ebike kit
Do I need to add anything else like PAS, display etc?
Does the 10sp freewheel fit the TC3080 motor
Will the TC3080 motor with 10sp freewheel fit into a bike with a 135mm wide dropout

1) Crystalyte Crown Motor - TC3080

2) Wheel Build
Rim Type: 700C/28"/29" Alex DH21 Disc
Spoke Type: 13G Sapim Black

3) Throttle Type - Right Thumb Throttle (type 1)

4) Controller Type (Black):12 Fet 4110 (Black Case)

5) EB3 Infineon Program Lead: For Programming EB3 Infineon Controllers (Software Included)

6) Torque Arm (Recommended, 2 can be fitted for extra security) - Rear Rev4

7) Freewheel Type - 10sp DNP (11T)

8) DNP Extractor Tool

9) Battery 52V (14S5P) EM3ev Jumbo Shark Options - 52V 14.8Ah (14S5P-30Q)

10) 58.8V Charger (for 14S, 50V Battery) - 58.8V 2A Plastic Case Charger

11) 3 Speed Switch For EM3ev Infineon Controller Or CA3