Wish EBR would focus more on "Folding" the folding electric bikes...

Discussion in 'Folding, Compact' started by Art Howland, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Art Howland

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    Love the site and the reviews in general are excellent. The only thing missing in the review formula is not nearly enough time is spent folding the bike into its compact form and walking around with it folded. Have not seen a single folding bike review do that yet and its the raison d'ĂȘtre of buying a folding bike!

    I'm thinking the test drive should include biking to train or bus stop, folding the bike, getting on the mass transit, get off the mass transit, unfold and go. Thoughts on weight, how manuverable it is in a crowd, etc. That's a folding bike review right there!
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  3. Nirmala

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    I saw a more thorough discussion of just this feature on the recent Tern Vektron video review. It looks like that folder makes it very easy to "walk" the bike when it is folded, and even allows you to use a "walk" feature on the control while the ebike is folded to turn on the motor at low speed when walking up a hill or when the bike is heavily loaded
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  4. Ann M.

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    There's always more territory to cover; however, those are pretty good points @Art Howland when it comes to what makes a 'folder' a special ebike. Being a not so tall person myself, folding bikes are also nice from the perspective of balance with a motor + battery + stuff centered around a slightly smaller wheel size (20" - 24" for me). They're more nimble in handling and with some designs, more stable with more of the weight centered and lower than on an ebike with typical 26" + wheel.
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