X-Treme E-Rider 48 Volt Mini Folding Electric Bicycle vs. E-Joe EPIK SE


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X-Treme E-Rider 48 Volt Mini Folding Electric Bicycle vs. E-Joe EPIk SE

After going through a long and arduous due diligence process to find the ideal bike for my needs, I opted for the E-Joe EPIC SE for the following reasons:

1) Folding (for commuting and efficient winter storage).
2) Reasonably light (~50 LBs)
3) Smaller footprint (20“ wheels)
4) Powerful (500 W Motor, 48 V battery).
5) Hidden battery. (Or Not obviously an electric bike...)
6) Reasonable cost (~$1,500)
7) Works for a tall and heavy man like me.
8) Smooth PAS & left easy/leafy thumb throttle.
9) 7 gear
10) Other (disk braking, front suspension, etc.)

I’m writing this because the newest E-Joe EPIK SE was difficult/impossible to actually get to my house in a timely manner and to let others know I think I found a comparable alternative that may actually be superior in some ways. I’d rather have 99% of what I want in early August than 100% in October or November (as a resident of Chicago where bikes are of no use most of winter).

Well, I was having a hell of a time locating an actual E-Joe EPIK SE in stock and ready to ship after a series of frustrating delays and reassurances from EBikejoy that the bike would be shipped imminently. I finally cancelled my order no longer believing Ebikejoy had any handle on when the E-Joe might actually ship. Living in the Midwest, a few summer weeks of waiting for a bike to arrive is an eternity...

So, I set out to find an alternative that is otherwise similar/comparable to the E-Joe (but was actually in stock), and I settled on the X-Treme E-Rider Mini.

In many regards, it was very similar (weight, appearance, motor, color selection, speed, battery, cost, gears, controller, etc.). Looking a little deeper, it seemed very similar in virtually every important spec/comparable except for the following:

Favorable comparable vs E-Joe:
  1. Font & rear suspension system. (E-Joe has front suspension fork only.)
  2. USB charging Port on display panel. (E-Joe in battery only).
  3. 100% Aluminum (down to the screws). I think the E-Joe is largely but not entirely so.
Unfavorable comparable vs E-Joe:
  1. 8 Ah vs 10 Ah battery 48 V Battery (causing some likely/possible diminished range).
  2. Rear Rack and fenders not included on X-Treme. (Both easy/cheap fixes).
  3. A total lack of reviews online for X-Treme E-Rider and a plethora (vast majority positive) for E-Joe EPIK.
X-Treme specs:

E-Joe Specs:

Well, the X-Treme E-Rider Mini arrived after 5 business days of ordering ($1,499 including shipping from California to Chicago from the very helpful and friendly folks at www.bikeberry.com), and I love it after riding it and putting it through the gauntlet for a few days. Its 5 level PAS and power delivery is very smooth, which was a major reason I was attracted to the E-Joe. The stopping power is tremendous. The acceleration on (leafy) throttle has a strong kick (up to 20 MPH+ fast!). The front/back suspension system handles fast riding over big speed bumps easily and comfortably. The gearing fits the bike well (no gerbil wheeling) and it’s a great/easy bike to ride on PAS level zero (or no power). The bike build is high quality and it was thoughtfully/carefully packaged. The controller and panel is terrific (with a USB port for easy phone charging while mounted to handle bars). It has no built-in front headlight, but the (mounted) light included by X-Treme in the box is sturdy metal and high quality. It’s only been a few days of riding, but I love the X-Treme E-Rider mini so far. I don’t have an E-Joe for a fair first person comparison, but the X-Treme has exceeded the (well researched) expectations I had for the E-Joe before my purchase calendar forced me in a new direction.

In any regard, I recommend taking a look at this X-Treme E-Rider Mini (48v) bike if you too had your mind set on an E-Joe, but can’t get the order filled... or you’re just looking for a fast, comfy and quality folding bike.