X-treme XB-300 Electric Mountain Bike by Farbike

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  1. Ravi Kempaiah

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    Excellent video, Gilbert.!!
    You reached 33 mph on that bike..!! wow that's awesome.
    Also, I love that idea of bike freeway :)
    You forgot to post text message you had Youtube, so I'm posting on your behalf :) (Pardon me)

    So I have ridden a total of 131 miles as of March 22, 2014. So, you may ask, "How is the Xtreme XB300li?" "Is it a good ebike?"

    Well the SIMPLE answer is "Yeah it's GREAT! So many things that I like on the ebike!"
    I am 185 pounds. My experience is as follows.


    I'm 100% happy with this ebike. Price is great!
    Looks great! Rides beautifully! Battery life is really good!


    The bad things about this ebike??

    If I can say what's BAD on this bike. It probably would be just the fact that it is required to remove the seat to take the battery out. Also the brakes are BAD compared to my other bikes! They don't stop the bike efficiently . They feel spongy! But STILL does the job.. I DON'T CARE, as long I can stop the bike, it's all that matters to me!

    Despite of those "bad" things (supposed to be), this does NOT effect MY "5 star" rating of this ebike.



    WHEN RIDING AS A REGULAR BIKE, it rides GOOD! I feel THIS bike pedals faster than my
    Schwinn mountain bike. On my Schwinn, for some reason it feels laboring to pedal it, like if
    something is dragging! Get's tiring to ride that Schwinn. I guess I need to make adjustments or something.

    BUT for this Xtreme XB300li, as a regular bike, it picks up pretty fast and rides without the
    "dragging" feeling. (Might explain why I was able to ride 44 miles, haven't done that in years!) .

    Evidentally it is sort of a bumpy ride, but does NOT bother me. It's not uncomfortable (to me anyway),
    perhaps I'm just used to the lower cost Walmart bikes. Also this ebike did make a few noises. At
    first it was a loose kickstand. I also discovered that much of the rattling noises was coming from the
    battery mounting area. All I did was tighten the screw on the battery slide. It stopped. Now the
    noises it makes af of 130 miles is the normal bouncing of the chain. And shudders a little. (probably from the tread of tire)

    SO all in all, this ebike as a regular bike rides REALLY GOOD! Better than my Schwinn mountain
    bike for sure. Even with the weight of the ebike about 60 lbs.

    NOW, comparing to the road bike I have. This ebike does not ride as fast as the road bike!
    Afterall, the road bike is made for speed!


    What THIS particular ebike is great for?

    A GREAT MOTIVATOR TO EXERCISE!! This ebike just makes riding so much more fun! ! Also GREAT
    for commuting say not more than 30 miles per day. Especially if you can't charge the battery at your job.

    This ebike really is NOT designed to REPLACE pedaling all together. Although, I CAN ride it like
    that if I want, but the motor does not have much power! Feels underpowered if I depend entirely on
    the motor on TAKE OFFS mostly!
    And of course, it will kill the battery life if I use the ebike this way!

    SO then what? It is great for someone who already loves riding bikes. And wants a "boost" like having
    a second rider helping pedal! One who rides bikes on a regular basis or here and there as a hobby.

    NOT SO MUCH for someone does not like riding bikes and wants TO USE AS A "MOPED"!


    Top speed and range I been getting..

    SO, with me providing half of the work, LITERALLY. If I don't use it like a "moped", I been getting typically
    25+ miles on a charge. But for the ride on the Pacific Electric Trail, I got 42 miles before the
    batteries ran out!! (level ground most of the way. little wind, me pedaling half the miles). The typical
    top speed with motor only (no pedal at all) is about 18mph.
    Oh yes. About this, I have noticed that I cannot pedal the ebike faster than 20mph WHILE using
    the motor. It WON'T do it. SO, if I feel I can pedal faster than 20mph, paticularly going downhill, I
    have to turn off the motor entirely. Because it seems like the motor will not let me pass 20mph. It goes a
    certain amount of RPMs only!

    As for charging time. It's been taking about 5-6 hours for a full charge from total empty! The
    charger displays red during charging and a green light when it's fully charged.


    Should NOT be used on rainy days!

    Also I would NOT use this ebike on RAINY WEATHER! I don't feel this ebike is water
    resistant!!! I have read a review about another user riding on a rainy day and then he reported
    the ebike failed afterwords! The components don't look well protected from water.. I WOULD
    NOT ADVISE USING THIS Xtreme XB300li on rainy days!!!! Also BE CAREFUL washing it!
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  2. Gilbert

    Gilbert New Member

    Haha thanks Ravi! Oh yes, I did pass 30 mph on the bike going downhill! And yes, the trails make me think of a freeway for bikes. LOL and that actually motivates me even more to ride bikes.

    There is one last part of the info I had. I could not put everything on the description because youtube called my description too long. On my video however I have an extra paragraph of info which I didn't include on the youtube text:



    I like to use the motor:

    1) as a "turbo boost" when I take off while
    pedaling hard. (fast take offs), BUT better yet.
    Pedaling to take of from a dead start. Then turn on
    the motor.

    2) Also as an aid to "boost" my pedaling up to
    speed of past 15 mph, then I take over with straight
    pedaling (for when I feel labored to go past 15mph),
    BUT if I am already able to keep up 15mph or more,
    with little effect, I DON'T BOTHER WITH THE MOTOR
    at all!

    3) For aid while on hills and the wind!

    At times I feel tired after pedaling hard, and for
    that moment, I just don't feel like pedaling at all. I
    then just GO AHEAD and use the motor (no pedal)
    for a mile or two! This is the part I LOVE! LOL
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  3. Harry Barkley

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    I give your video a 5 star. Nice job and you certainly seem to have gotten good value from your purchase. Your area of California seems pretty flat and appropriate for the lower power of the 24 volt setup. Good luck and thanks for the informative presentation. HB
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  4. Court

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    Loved the video Gilbert, thanks for sharing it along with all of the writing you did! I know what it's like to shoot video, upload it and organize all of your thoughts. This is really nice and I'm sure it will help others :)
  5. Harry Barkley

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    Court- I have been out of the loop lately but still following various threads. I couldn't agree more about how good Gilbert's post is. Also have enjoyed all of your new reviews posted in February. Thanks for such a great site. HB
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  6. Gilbert

    Gilbert New Member

    I wish I had more time to ride bikes. Because it is fun to ride bikes in the trails.
    This is another update for my Xtreme XB-li300. As of now, I have ridden a total of 240 miles. Had it 3 months.

    Riding my Xtreme XB-li300 on Riverside street California to the bike trail. Went about 20 miles for this trip. The battery gave me 25 miles on this trip (pedaling half the time).
    A couple things broke on the bike. Just the little things. The light's casing cracked when I dropped it. Still works though. Also, a plastic part on the bottom of the seat broke. It happened when I was lifting the bike by the seat. But I was still able to sit on it. Rode it on this trip, no problem. So I think, it's the best idea to replace the seat with something better. Same with the light.


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  7. Court

    Court Administrator Staff Member

    Cool! Thanks for the update Gilbert. I'm glad the bike is working so well for you, sounds like you're taking good care of it too :)
  8. FarBike Eric

    FarBike Eric New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Got an update, the XB-300Li has been updated for 2015 and is now called the Trail Maker. All the specs are the same but we changed a few parts out to make the bike ride better and be more reliable. For 2015 the X-treme XB-300Li Trail maker is $749, and at farbike we have a $20 off coupon for all electric bikes. You can check it out here: http://www.farbike.com/x-treme-trail-maker-xb-300li-electric-mountain-bike/

    Heppy e-biking!
  9. vincent713

    vincent713 Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the ebike world and have been getting tons of great information on this website! I like to thank Court for doing such a wonderful job and keep up the great work!
    I currently do not own an ebike but have my eye on this XB-300Li ebike and figure it would be a good starter bike for me. I only wish it had a little more powerful motor. My question is, would it be possible if we can upgrade the battery to a 36v to make it a little more powerful?
  10. vincent713

    vincent713 Active Member

    Nice video Gilbert! Can you please tell us where you got the lcd display from?
  11. jazz

    jazz Active Member

    Great video Gilbert! Thanks for the updates
  12. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    Wish it were so easy, @vincent713 ; however, the physical size of the battery and space allowed in the frame on the XB 300 Li can't accommodate a 36V battery--at least not with the Lithium chemistry available today. Other issue is the potential to blow your controller and wear out the motor sooner by 'overvolting'. Better to enjoy the bike for just what it is or spend a little more; say $1300-$1500 and look at some of the 500watt/36V LiIon ProdecoTech bikes.
  13. vincent713

    vincent713 Active Member

    @Ann, what's weird is I contact Xtreme the distributor of the XB300Li ebike twice, first time was through email and got a response that I would have to change the controller to accommodate the 36v battery. The 2nd contact was through phone and the rep guy said I can use a 36v with no problem and that the controller will take a 36v but nothing more than that. Confused.........
  14. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    It is true that some controllers are designed to handle different voltages and automatically sense them; however, none of X-treme's ebikes are 36V and they don't offer any upgrades like that to the best of my knowledge, so I'm not sure what battery they might be talking about. You'd want to be very certain of the specs on the controller before pushing more volts. That 24V battery pack is physically small. so my question is what 36V Li battery would be the same size. One that small would definitely be very low amps and kinda defeat the purpose of upping voltage.

    There does appear to be a few new, less experienced CSR folks on the phones at X-treme--ran into an issue yesterday where one person said they didn't have the bike I needed and then on the dealer pages, it was there and is now on the road to the shop. Yes, you can overvolt a motor, but it will run hotter and potentially shorten the lifespan so use caution.
  15. vincent713

    vincent713 Active Member

    @Ann, are you a dealer for Xtreme? All motors have a max peak and I'm hoping the one on this bike will be able to take a 36v. As far as the physical structure of the battery, could there be a way to mod the frame to make it fit? I have a grinder and not afraid to use it. :D
  16. worldromer

    worldromer New Member

    Shopping for my first e-bike at under $1,000. Closing in on the 'comfort' sister to the XB-300i (now called trailmaker). First, big thanks to awesome reporting/videos by Gilbert. I'm looking at the Malibu with large comfort seat and most other same specs on motor, power supply, weight etc. Bike prices fluctuate and Mailbu is today as low as $789 w/free shipping no tax.

    Warranty: I am a warranty 'nut' meaning I check them out. Cyclamatic after emails to them and to China...finally admits there is no written warranty. The blurbs on their web site would constitute their written warranty. X-treme may or may not deliver a physical warranty page with the bike but their warranty page on their web site is thorough and constitutes your written warrant.

    I read 90 days. As of today at least the Trailmaker Warranty is six months plus I think one year on the battery and forever on the frame. X-treme sells a 6 month extensions, so ONE FULL year on the entire bike for $99 but discounted by some vendors like SuperScooter to $89

    15 satisfactions Guaranty: This is an illusion which means totally misleading to all those who do not go
    on to read the small print. The small print which I shall now capitalize sasy: ....NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUND IF IT HAS BEEN RIDDEN. Ex. assemble bike, ride back and if you are not satisfied tough luck since the bike has been 'ridden' and is not covered by their 15 days return policy. What would be covered?
    Ex. receive bike in box. Suddenly you need to spend $$$$ on a sudden car repair. You have not
    ridden the box, maybe not opened the box, so yes you can return it. Same if you don't like its 'look' or 'color' but serious a Satisfaction Guaranty leads all to believe you can at least try riding the bike WHICH YOU CAN NOT DO. So its a 15 Return Guaranty (if not ridden) but not a Satisfaction Guaranty.

    Does anyone have the measurement of the 300i, length that is, with the front wheel removed? I need to
    put it into my large trunk.
  17. worldromer

    worldromer New Member

    Forgot.... found two Top Ten lists that include each inlcuded two X-Treme models. Here is one:

    This includes the XB-300i. Given the dearth of impartial reviews for X-treme bikes, especially the Newport and Malibu it was nice to see very similar models on the two top ten lists. X-treme is doing something right, as Gilbert has said so well.
  18. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    Good research, @worldromer ! A top ten list from Urban scooters is more like what is most popular from their sales since they sell on the internet and have sold primarily X-treme product for over a decade. Take a fat grain of salt when considering that list. X-treme does have a US business office and warehouse and has been around for a long time; Cyclamatic is just a web order product. Its pretty much a standard for any internet purchase that the item be not used in order to return for a refund; its not just X-treme. Most of X-treme's dealers are web based and that is the reason for that statement. As a dealer for X-treme ebikes, I try to have one available for test rides, since that will generally let a potential buyer know if this is the right bike for them; however, there are many places that just don't have an ebike shop near them, so buying off the internet is their only option. What does become important after that is discerning, as you did, who is just internet and outside the US (meaning China) and who actually has a business office in the US.
    Did you check X-treme's website for details on the bike length; they have a lot of that data online. If not, then call them.
  19. MacProTX

    MacProTX New Member

    Well, there is a 36V option in exactly the same form factor, sold by bmsbattery.com:

    I'm hoping to upgrade my bike, but am guessing that it will also involve upgrading both the controller and the rear wheel motor. It would be wonderful to find out I could keep one or both, but I've found no information anywhere. (Wish I could read Chinese!)

    Still, the fact that the uprated battery in this form factor would slip right in with no apparent mods necessary is very encouraging to me!
  20. MacProTX

    MacProTX New Member