X-treme XB-300 Electric Mountain Bike by Farbike

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by Harry Barkley, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. harryS

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    You've established that the pedal assist isn't working at all now. Leave that for a moment.

    Next question. Can you even ride this bike under power using the throttle? Your answer isn't clear. You said the wheel will spin with no load (wheel off ground) while you hold throttle. Will it spin using the throttle while riding? If the bike runs and then stops, but will restart after a reset of the power switch, the battery is probably defective. Means it can't handle a load.

    If you can ride the bike with throttle, go back to that wheel off the ground test. Spin the pedals backwards and see if the motor runs. If it does, they put the disk on backwards.
  2. Paul Heckmann

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    Harry - thanks for the info. I can ride the bike for a short while with power, using the throttle. Then it cuts off. I reset the key from ON to OFF to ON and there is power again for a shorter while. And so on a couple times more until no power at all. The backward test does not do anything other than spin the wheel backwards.

    The battery does show one red light and the rest green. It has always shown this pattern.
  3. Mark Peralta

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    When you use the throttle while riding on the road, does the battery gauge dips down to the red color?
    Or does it have a battery gauge at the handlebar?
  4. Paul Heckmann

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    No battery gauge on the handlebar on this bike. Only on the top of the battery which is behind the seat post.

    Just got word from the seller that he has requested a new battery. I have this thread bookmarked to let you know if the new battery fixes it. As a newbie, all these items that were suggested showed me quite a few things about the bike that I probably never would have known. Thanks for everyones input.
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    • I am an owner of the Trail Maker for 2 years now and am mostly satisfied with this bike. I have upgraded the pedals, the rear brake pads, the seat, a rear tire and the front light and added a rear light and speedo. Most trips are less then 10 miles once or twice a day. Every time I come home I charge the battery and mostly drive part throttle manual assist in town. I would like to upgrade to a 36 volt battery so I could go faster and further at times. So what motor and controller does this bike have ? Most motors can handle more voltage at higher RPM and sometimes electronics can also be pushed. Does anybody have experience with this matter?