Yamaha Wabash Gravel eBike - [Video]


I watched the video. You will notice the rider never sits on the saddle. I have ridden hardtail with yamaha motor on aluminum frame, and it beat my rear end. 43lbs of bike, motor and battery on alloy frame with 33mm tires in the dirt?! No thanks.


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I love my Wabash. I’ve had it 4 days and already have 160 miles on it. I’m 72 and the bike makes me feel at least 20 years younger. I ride pretty much in level 2 boost (Eco) and only go level 3 (Std) on a very steep climb. I’ve yet to need to to full level 4 (High). Yes, it jars your teeth if you get off pavement but I love having the option. Both my high end road bikes are almost half the weight but I’m enjoying the Wabash more than either of them. I’m beyond the age of riding knarey single track but still enjoy exploring dirt double track.