Your favourite e-bike company and why

Trek, I've got 1k miles of singletracks in since March. The full suspension Powerfly is mindblowing in the woods. I've tried Giant and considered Specialized. I've investigated most of the others as of Spring 2017 and went with Trek - Not sorry at all. I'm completely satisfied. Local Trek store does not hurt either, extremely helpful!
E-Glide. I have an SS-Glide. Besides being inexpensive it's a simple single-speed. I live in an area with no hills and wanted an ebike for trips to the beach and just generally riding around, this is perfect for that. Instead of spending countless hours messing around with adjustments and messing around with components, I get to spend the time riding a bike that reminds me of how much fun it was to ride a bike as a kid. Whenever I use my wife's much more expensive ebike with multiple speeds, fancy computer and what not I really miss how direct my bike is, it really brings back the joy of biking. It certainly isn't perfect for every location, but for my needs I wouldn't want any other bike. Doesn't hurt that the owner of the company seems to be really nice and I'd rather support a person than some huge conglomerate.


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Stromer for me, Can't imagine not having my St2. When I am servicing it, miss riding ,so smooth power delivery . 2 yrs .now and still amazed at this bike, like the 1st. day. And the winner is St5 at Eurobike. I will be cheering for it!

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Haibike for me, I bought two, both XDURO. One is a full suspension mtb, the other a Trekking. High precision, 28mph, stop on a dime, and I get compliments all the time.


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Bosch for responding to customer feedback and making their newer batteries compatible with their older models by supplying a converter cable, for bringing European pedelec motors to the North American ebike market and working with bike shops to building a network of diagnostic technicians, for supporting the Ebike Expo tour, and for shortly introducing a less expensive line of motors 'Active Line Plus' to bring down the cost of entry.
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I would say Juiced Bikes. I own one and I do not regret it.
I test rode many ebikes, including Stromer ST1 and ST2.

I think the Juiced Bikes offered best bang for buck.
The new CrossCurrent S is awesome for the price and doesn't look bad at all.

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