Yukon 750 2018 changing front fork


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Hi, I crashed my Yukon 750 yesterday (paved path + downhill + try to turn + little sand/rocks = sliding along ground) and bent/twisted/broke the Mozo Fatman that it came with. I ordered another Mozo Fatman since it seemed like the cheapest option and I know it will work with my wheel/fender/light. That said, I understand this isn't the greatest suspension fork and if it breaks again I won't want to buy a third one. I was having trouble when researching alternatives. Can someone more familiar with this stuff give me the requirements I need to look for in a fork that will work with the Yukon 750?

For example the Yukon has a Quick Release axle which means it is incompatible with Thru Axles? What is involved with switching from one to the other? What other specs do I need to pay attention to? Does the dropout size matter (Fatman is 135mm, but going bigger is ok?)? It looks like changing the front fork will mean no longer being able to use the front fender that comes with the Yukon as few seems to have a bar in the same place for it to screw into, or are there alternative ways to mount it?

I haven't really noticed any problems with the cheap Mozo Fatman suspension. I ride on roads, paved paths (that have pretty big bumps in them), grass, and sometimes slowly ride through rooty wooded areas. If I'm not jumping off things and flying down rocky hills at break neck speeds will I notice any benefit from the expensive suspension forks? Also, it looked like there were two categories of forks. The cheap ones in the $100 - $200 range and the really expensive $600+ ones. Was I just missing the middle of the road forks that would be in the $200 to $300 range?


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I would also like to know of what options we have. I know we have tapered is it easy to go to straight, change headset parts, special tools needed? Anyone done this before that can share thoughts? Links to products you used? Thanks.