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Hi, I found your video on bike locks very interesting. My friends think I'm paranoid because I use a long u-lock and a long cable, but I don't care - I don't want my bike stolen. I think a bike thief is going to take the bike that is easiest to steal, and my bike isn't that one.
I'm wondering why bike manufacturers don't have the locking stem at the handlebars. We had bikes like that when we were kids.
I am a newbie. Very nice website, Court. I will buy my first Ebike soon. Still a little confused with what I should buy. Thank you for your dedication.
Bruce, you don't nave to like all my posts. Truth is I can be really obnoxious, but I don't want to feel guilty about it. :)
Bruce Arnold
Bruce Arnold
Your posts either make me laugh, or I learn something, or both. Also, I'm an inveterate "liker" - I bet if they kept track of likes you give in addition to likes you receive, I'd be way up there. LOL.
Wilier Cento Hybrid Road eBike

La Bicicletta got some of the North America versions in (which cut out at 32 km/h as opposed to 25) (mine came in mid-December with Ultegra Di2 shifters).
Goes like a charm! 250 km so far.