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Hi Court,
Your reviews rock! I like that there are balanced, including both pros and cons. The information helped me during my selection of my first ebike, a Specialized Vado 6.0. Love it!
Now I’m thinking of a 2nd ebike, perhaps a class 1 that weighs under 45 lbs. Was wondering if the Cannondale Quick Neo 2019 is on your review horizon? Cannondale is stating this ebike is 40 lbs and very nimble. Thanks.
Hi MartyO. Welcome to one of the nicer ebiking forums. Suggest you re-post this under "Help Choosing an Ebike" forum. Then responders can share links, pictures, etc. I think the folding 20" ebikes are great for shorter riders, but the inexpensive ones may not ride as soft with their small tires. They're more about enjoying the view too than going fast/far. What you going to do with the bike?
Thank You Harry. Am looking forward to the many comments on the forum. I'll more than likely go for some joy rides, as i did when i had motorcycles. I recently gave my decked out, fairly new (5 miles) bicycle to my son, because i get tired quickly while peddling. I was also considering a step-through, because of the short inner seam. I will go to "Help Choosing an Ebike" now.
This is NEW to me, but i find it interesting and, exciting. It seems that there are more makes, models, battery power, prices, etc., that makes me somewhat confused as to what i should purchase. So, let me tell you about myself. I am male, 81 years of age, short in stature, about 5' 3", 27 inch inseam, have moderate emphysema, and a stent. I wish to spend up to $1500. no room left here, but this should start talk.