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Ordered 2 Ride1up mountain bikes for my wife and myself. They are on back order so they should arrive in about a month. New to E-Bikes.
Pat, welcome to EBR forums! You look like you could be in the same age category as me. Your message on the "CCX intermittent power" forum note #115 got me thinking you may be embellishing your stats a bit. Hey, that's none of my business, but perhaps I am just a bit envious of those statistics. My fastest inbound Winter commute with a favorable crosswind:
Hello John - My Name is Joe and I live in Batavia and noticed your not far away and very versed in Juice Bikes! After a run of health issues the last few years (I haven't been able to ride more than a mile or 2 and have gained 40 lbs) I need to get back on a BIKE! From what I can see an ebike may be just the ticket! Any Do's and Dont's for a beginner ebiker Thanks Joe aka Samdawg
I’m butting in here, because I’m a sixty something new e bike rider and not the most agile person in the world. Maybe borrow an analog bike and practice stopping and starting, getting on and off, and making sure you’re comfortable before you order that bike and hit the streets. If you can try before you buy that’s better.
If you find that getting on and off the bike is a big problem you might need a step through.
I’ve talked to lots of more mature folks who envision themselves flying off into the sunset (myself included) only to find out they can’t get their leg over the bike. There’s lots of happy juiced riders! Have fun!!!!
Two days after install of new chain, cassette and front sprocket has made a world of difference. Am very pleased. Wondering if I went too long without renewing.
It’s normal for the drive train to need a break in period. The best advice I could give is to not change both the cassette and chain at the same time. You could probably save some time/money by doing it yourself. A cassette looks difficult to get off, but in fact it’s very easy. Hint: get a good “chain whip” and always hold the cassette by the lock ring (smallest cog). As for the chain, buy one with a missing link.
Likes: Tbone
I recently received my juiced cross current X. Charged battery, pushed button on battery and light came on. Computer does not come on nor does the bike work. Please help.
Thanks all for your help. I pulled the trigger last week and bought a 2020 Specialized Vado 3.0. About 70 miles of riding at this point and absolutely love it. Now working on locating a rack for the car to transport. 50 pounds is just too much for this old body to load without assistance.
Marci jo
I’m in a similar situation with my Vado 6.0, lifting it on a rack. I found this rack:
Saris Freedom Ex 2 Bike Rack
The rack itself is less than 30 lbs so it’s manageable to place on my suv.
Hey Jared. I'm looking at the same Focus and also the Carbon version since it comes with Fox suspension. Do you know if the std battery will be available in the future since Focus is no long importing to the USA? If you're ever down in SD let me know. All the City trails are open to ebikes. The county ones are not.