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Hi Rick, any experience with this thermal sensor included with the CA?
Rick Speicher
Yes, it can be quite useful if your motor doesn't have a thermal sensor in it already.
Joe EE
Joe EE
Don’t have the first idea how to rig it. Does the CA come with everything necessary or do you need to buy peripherals? I’m running a Golden Motor Black Pie Vector.
Hey Macsinvan, I saw your post about buying the Haibike Urban Plus. I was wondering how things were going with the bike? I'm about to buy one. I know there have been some issues with the COBI connectivity but at $1,699 I was wondering if it's still worth the purchase. What problems does the COBI connectivity present for you? Can you still operate the bike if COBI is not connecting? Is there a workaround?
Thank you for your good comments. It is always appreciated when our customers recognize our efforts to offer the best possible bike at the best price since our very beginning. We are happy to see that our competitors are looking to copy our bikes. We are still in 2018 in the leading position in the electric fat bike range with the best quality / price ratio.
Is anyone else reporting the Forum being flooded by Chinese spam postings?
Definitely... tried emailing Ann and Court over the last 2 days but don't know if they've received my emails...
Ann M.
Ann M.
Hi all, yes, we have gotten all of the emails; just have been overwhelmed with getting the garbage off the site. Not ignoring you. KEEP SENDING the emails; I see those even when I'm not logged on the Forum. Matter of fact, this was the first thing I saw checking email at 7am today. We had everything cleaned up as of 1am CST last night and some other blocks in place; however, they aren't stopping these spammers yet.
I am interested in M2S carbon but can' find any reviews or info other than factory on this e bike.
Ann M.
Ann M.
A little patience; I bet Court will have a review at some point :)
I’m new to ebikes and have decided it would be great to have for easy trail riding and around the neighborhood. I’m 68 and haven’t done much bike riding in years. I am athletic but in terrible shape . I do not want to spend a lot since this my first and I don’t know how this new sport for me is going to go. I need comfort as I’ve had spine surgery and rotator cuff issues but doc says I’m ready now. Suggestions?
I’m new to ebikes. I’m 68 and Love the outdoors and trails. But I’m in terrible shape even tho I’m very athletic. I m not a big spender but am looking for safety and durability and the idea of an electric bike for road and trail riding sounds great to do with husband and son and grandchildren who ride mountain bikes. I want to be able to keep up and not be huffing and puffing. I welcome suggestions, etc. Thanks
Try E-Glide S/T. You will not be sorry. I understand a new pass through frame is coming out in April, 2018. It’s identical to the S/T in all other aspects. Great bike, great components and a great price. I couldn’t be happier. I ride with seven guys, all with E-Glide S/T’s. We are all in our mid to late 70’s. Now that must be a good recommendation!
I saw you asking about the Luna charger with the CCS on the forums. Did you ever go down that route? You said you think it would work fine with the available adapter - I asked Luna if they have a 4-pin XLR adapter - they said no and suggested I cut off the plug from the original charger and solder it to their charger. I'm not entirely opposed to doing that, but if you found an adapter can you point me?
Getting ready for second test ride of Haibike Urban Plus. Anybody have comments on this model...pros or cons. If you comment, please let me know how long owned and how many miles on it. Thanks!
Have only had mine for two weeks. Use it for 11 mile commute, one way commute uses 25% of battery (as expected) with level 3 assist. Bike is great (but prices seem to vary, I got mine for $1600 by ordering from CA, vs $3600 at my local Austin store. I have issues with my Cobi Controller, it will only work if the bike is on. Looks like problem with the controller internal battery. Cobi support is abysmally slow.
Hi Court, love your reviews. In your opinion if you could have the Trek Cross Rip Plus or the Giant Road E for your personal e road type bike which would you rather own and why? I am have a challenge deciding on which to buy as I am still not sure about the Yamaha motor although it is quieter and more torque. Thanks, Dave
Suggestion: I recently was at a Trek dealer & the sales manager suggested that I take advantage of Trek's 14 day return policy. So I bought the Trek Verve+, rode it for ten days and put 150 miles on it. Returned it for full refund, no questions asked. A great experience! Allowed me to rule out some things I did not like & continue my search. Now considering Trek XM 700. Expect to go over $2500 budget.
John from Connecticut
Gary, I purchased a Trek XM700 + last July and absolutely love it. The bike is rock solid, the Bosch power system with the Intuvia controller is
silky smooth, powerful and it goes like the wind. I ride on paved roads. I found the seat post stiff, so I installed a Cirrus BodyFloat Suspension
seat post, it made all the difference in the world. The disc brakes are smooth and responsive. John from CT.
What did you not like and did you end buying the xm700
Hi John.....have you registered your bike with DVLA and do you have insurance? Have just bought the Rhino and managed to register it but have tried everywhere for insurance but cant get it insured?
Dave at e glide said there were some riders in the Granite Bay Area and I’m in Fair Oaks.
Is there a chance we might meet so I can see your bike? I’d be happy to buy you a cup o joe at Starbucks.


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