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bowzette, all is going very well with falco. system delivered when promised and it is freaking awesome! see post on falco forum
Hello, I see that you are a fellow Metro+ owner. I live in Michigan and now have around 300 miles on my new Metro. I love the bike, the only small issue I am having is a persistent squealing rear brake pad. Pretty minor, they say it will break in, we will see.
I ride mainly on paved surfaces, fairly flat. Too bad we can't form a Metro riders group, Oregon is about as far as you can get from Michigan!
I used to have one like yours but I kept falling over due to bum legs. Ha! Ha! So I got a trike, at least I do not fall over. I'll try to post some photos.
Just added a Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS fat bike. Looking forward riding more! Will post photos and impressions.
Do you know the breakdown of what % of E-bikes sold are hub motor vs. mid drive? And/or what % of E-bikes sold are mountain bikes vs city bikes?
ICE Adventure HD vs. Catrike Dumont ...anyone have any thoughts on which one you would buy? I need the extra comfort in the seat for a back issue and like both.
It has been over 2 yrs since our last review on EBR. Since then a lot has changed on our bikes. While the layout of our proprietary electrical system is the same, the specifics have greatly changed. Every component we fabricate in-house has been scrutinized and improved. Focus has been given to reliability, durability, mass reduction, and aesthetics. The next step is standardization in preparation for production...
Had my Sondors Original for 8 hours, let my little brother ride it... and he crashes headfirst through a windshield. No helmet. He was hospitalized and almost didn't make it because of blood loss. He is okay though. I will be investing in a dirt bike helmet! BUT my front fork is super bent and my rim is wobbling and the axel and rotor are bent. what do I do??
Take it to your local LBS and have them check it out. Hopefully an LBS in your area that is familiar with ebikes. It is important to let a professional look at it because there may be more damage than what is readily apparent. I hope your brother is back on his feet and recovering well.

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