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Bruce, I know Rich C from another now defunct forum. His thing is being contentious, needs to always be right. 2 ways to deal with it:
Agree with whatever he says or don´t respond at all when he baits you
Gee, seems like you can´t get a break. Hope repairs are going well & any leftover rain from ´Michael´ doesn´t create additional problems. ?
Bruce Arnold
Bruce Arnold
Yeah, early reports of the new storm set me back a bit at first. But it has both weakened and gone farther west, so it will be nothing we wouldn't get from a typical summer thunderstorm. Dry wall is scarce so we're waiting on a shipment to get that phase of the rebuild started. This comes as no surprise so we're taking it in stride. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
I read your helpful comments about Hills.etc. Went out again and posted in the same thread. You might find how different husbandandwife on the same bikes approached the problem interesting. Sorry not sure how to take you directly there!
I'd encourage you to swap bikes with your wife to find out if she's doing something differently or if there's a problem with your particular unit. If there's something wrong with the bike it's better to find out now. BTW those PIM bikes look great. I wanted to get a DD drive initially but they're a bit on the heavy side given that I've got to climb stairs. DD drives here in Europe also tend to be expensive...
Had a 40 mile ride on my Kalkhoff Include yesterday. Started with 80 miles range on “Power” (I ride with this setting all the time) and finished with an indicated 50 mile range left. The ride took me North of Wokingham in Berkshire and into the Chilterns via Henley. I took the Thames path on the way back and then to Warren Row where there is an awesome bike cafe called Velolife (great for cake). I’m still smiling.
Had a lovely bike ride yesterday. Budleigh Salterton to the Starcross Ferry in Exmouth. At Starcross, getting the bike over a railway bridge quite challenging... A great pint of Avocet at the Turf Hotel then took the cycle path to Exeter, crossed the Exe and headed back to Exmouth then back to Budleigh on the old disused railway line.
I’ve had a Kalkhoff Include for two years now. It’s been reliable and fairly maintenance free. The original tyres were too skinny so I upgraded them to 1.75”. (Has anyone managed to fit 2”?) The ride is a bit jarring and the seat post spring seems to be set for far heavier people than me (143Lb). This a subjective opinion but I think the Impulse EVO motor firmware is biased in favour of long range.
Angela M.
Angela M.
Hi! What can we help you with? Do you already have a bike or are you new to ebikes? The forums would be a better place to post for help, but if you let me briefly know the situation I can perhaps help you find the most appropriate forum.
I bought a 2017 atom lynx 6.0 from Connor in the Florida location. Great bike, but the control panel is not working. Any ideas. I live in NC, so it's gonna be a long drive to get it looked at in person.
Thanks in advance, Rich.
Wishing you a wonderful year to come. Thank's for being a special part of this community, from EBR.

My Bafang Ultra Motor stopped working. I had washed the bike same as many times before. Careful to keep water off the components best I could. Bike ran after wash but the next day it would not run. When I removed the plastic cover on the motor I saw that the battery connectors were disenagrading so l replaced them with 48 volt Anderson Connectors. Which I believe are the same as the originals? Still would not run.
My 750 has a charger for the front battery but a different charger for the rear, was this common and if so does anyone have a charger for the rear hub.