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    Taking Your eBike RVing

    Check out this thread on the subject: Scarecrow posted pics of an interesting product. It's the first post in his thread.
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    Battery Pin and Hole (Erosion)

    This connector has the right format but no dimensions are given: Select "5 pins male + female" from the drop down box.
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    Real battery capacity.

    From time to time, I use a pair of 48V LED bulbs and this meter to bench test my batteries.
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    Rotating ebike tires needed?

    Same here. The rear wears twice as fast as the front. I buy tires in sets of three. One for the front and two for the rear.
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    Acceptable roof rack for eBikes?

    If the bike fits in the pickup bed with the tailgate closed, why not lay the bike on it's side in the bed and put the cover over it. Out of sight, out of mind as far as security goes.
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    Acceptable roof rack for eBikes?

    Perhaps this product would help:
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    Acceptable roof rack for eBikes?

    I carry my bikes inside the pickup bed using the slide out PVC frame shown in my avatar pic. I bolted these now discontinued Thule Sidearm roof racks to the frame: The Sidearm rack is not rated for a heavy ebike...
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    Handy Dandy Reference for E-Bike Laws for each state

    A handy reference to be sure. Thanks for posting. The problem with these references is they are not updated often enough. The posted date for this site is 8/25/20 and e-bike laws are changing from week to week. PeopleForBikes also maintains a site listing state by state e-bike laws...
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    Pedego Rentals in Hawaii

    I'm not sure but they certainly can't be happy about this recall:,for%20between%20%243%2C000%20and%20%244%2C700.
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    Kinekt Suspension Stem

    Yes. I have Rockshox 30 Gold front forks. I was skeptical about getting additional comfort from a suspension stem. I ordered one from Amazon in case I needed to return it but was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made. I adjusted it to the softest position and, as previously...
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    Here is my official spare battery carrier!

    Looks like a perfect fit! Is the length adjustable or does it come in different sizes?
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    Kinekt Suspension Stem

    I think this would depend on the type of riding you do and the condition of the surface you ride on. I have front suspension and adding a suspension stem helped dampen high frequency vibration considerably. IMO, a suspension stem will help, but won't completely replace front suspension forks...
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    Pedego Rentals in Hawaii

    It's possible but I think it would depend on service costs. For some reason, most of the ebike rental shops I see use Pedego. The prices I see are considerably cheaper than $70, but it isn't Hawaii. While in Florida a year ago, my wife and I rented a pair of Pedego's for $55 / day each.
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    Although the J1772 standard was adopted for use in north america in 2001, some earlier chargers use a different setup. As a precaution, many EV owners carry adapters. For anyone interested, Wikipedia has a good write up on the subject. Here is...
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    This could be wired up to a 110V or 220V receptacle as long as the EV charging station uses the J1772 standard. Might be a bit cheaper than the adapter mentioned by FlatSix911...