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    Moving to more teeth on a single chain ring

    It appears from the specs on your trike the 8 speed cassette is a Microshift 12-32T. Microshift also makes an 11-32T which may be a direct replacement: Amazon has one for around $18...
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    Is it worth the cost to buy a spare battery?

    A word of caution when carrying batteries in a pannier. They can be vulnerable to damage during a spill. I met a guy on the trail a while back who cracked a battery case when riding between two vehicle barrier pylons. As a result, I now use padded protective cases when carrying batteries in...
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    Is it worth the cost to buy a spare battery?

    I have a Grinn Satiator but rarely carry it on my bike. I ride mostly trails where charging opportunities are rare. In my case, carrying spare batteries is the best approach. I pack them in my Arkel panniers which keeps the center of gravity low. I usually ride with panniers anyway to...
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    Moving to more teeth on a single chain ring

    Depending on your 8 speed rear cassette, another possibility would be to swap it with one that has fewer teeth on the high speed (Smallest) sprocket. That way you could maintain your lower gear hill climbing capability while still increasing your 60 RPM cruising speed. This of course depends...
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    Is it worth the cost to buy a spare battery?

    If you commute with your bike and can make the trip on one battery, you don't need a spare. This is especially true if you can recharge at work. If your trips to the store don't involve much hill climbing and you can make it on one battery, you don't need a spare. If you can make a round trip...
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    Enlighten me on some of these intricacies - seeking the expertise of knowledgeable folks here!

    IMO, ebike makers are just as confused about the laws as those who ride them. How do you design and market a product that conforms to every federal, state and local regulation? To further complicate this issue is the fact that here in the US, laws are changing almost weekly. I'm not saying...
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    How do you use e-power on your e-bike?

    You will surely get a number of opinions here. Just about every rider has their own unique way of riding. It will vary greatly depending on physical conditions and the riders style & ability. Also, ebikes differ in their performance. Some, like fat tire bikes, require more assist to ride...
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    Is anyone trying to solve charging on the road?

    For anyone considering solar recharging, Harbor Freight has a 100W fold-able panel on sale for $149:
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    People for Bikes: Progress on Ebike Laws in the US

    I understand your sentiment and partially agree but unfortunately, it is self defeating. It is these high speed, high power bikes in the hands of irresponsible riders that will only serve to increase regulation. "Outlaw" riders don't care about laws, license, registration or insurance and will...
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    A Question of ride comfort for Court or anybody else.

    Of course this is just my opinion and it should be noted that performance varies a great deal from one brand to another. While a good suspension seat post goes a long way in smoothing the ride on a hardtail, I've not seen one that equals the performance of a well tuned full suspension bike...
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    Smartphone mount: A bad experience

    I use the RAM mount system for all my handlebar mounted accessories: It easily & securely holds my phone, Go Pro camera, GPS, lights etc. They are vibration resistant but flex if subject to impact and will articulate into almost any position. I have four ball mounts attached to my Jones...
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    Bicycling Magazine Reveals It's Top E bike Picks For 2020 GAME CHANGER Specialized Turbo Creo SL $13,500.00 BUY NOW A natural road cycling experience with pedal assist. BEST FOLDING OPTION Blix Vika+ $1,699.00 SHOP NOW Pedal assist up to...
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    Jeep unveils electric bicycle with massive 1.5 kW peak motor in Super Bowl ad

    More info:
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    Help selecting comfort handlebars for eMTB - BH Rebel Lynx PWX

    The Jones bars are standard diameter so most grips should work unless they are an odd size. The Ergon grips with bar ends might be a bit awkward with the 45 degree sweep. Cable length is always a consideration when swapping bars. Control cables (brake & shift) aren't too difficult or...
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    Help selecting comfort handlebars for eMTB - BH Rebel Lynx PWX

    I have Jones H 2.5" rise bars on all my bikes. They did wonders for my wrist fatigue by providing a more upright riding posture. In my case, the 45 degree grip angle seems more natural. The crossbar provides additional space to mount GPS, smartphone, camera, lights etc. Well worth the money IMO.