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    Peak died (short in controller?)

    I have a Magnum Peak, several years old with 3000 miles on it, that just died. I rode it yesterday and everything was fine. Today, nothing. When I plug in a battery, it trips the BMS, which will reset itself after leaving it for 10 minutes or so. The voltage on the battery is fine (54.6v), and...
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    Loud Magnum Metro motor

    timpo: Did I mention that this is my wife's bike? ;) No upgrades desired...just a quieter ride. I even offered to get her a new bike, but she really loves this bike (I've done things like a comfort seat, a Kinekt seatpost, ergo grips, etc). She only has about 1500 miles on it, so it should be a...
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    Loud Magnum Metro motor

    Yes, it's out of warranty. And I agree that it looks exactly like a Bafang (which the Peak has). I'm willing to dig into it some. It's my wife's bike, so I'll have to "tread lightly". I'll watch some Youtubes and see what I can come up with. I'd even be willing to just swap it out for another...
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    Loud Magnum Metro motor

    I have two Magnum 500w hub drive bikes, a Metro and a Peak. The Peak is fine, and the Metro works fine, but it's really loud. On acceleration, when the motor is working the hardest, it sounds normal. However, when just riding along at the "set" speed, the motor makes quite a bit of noise, kind...
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    Anyone know of a suspension seatpost for lighter weight riders?

    I also recommend the Satori Animaris. However, the way it ships, I think it's too stiff for a light-weight person. I've done the following to mine: 1. Unscrew the threaded aluminum bottom plate and remove the stock spring. 2. Loosen the small set screw and tap out the upper hinge pin, which...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Magnum Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Here you go... Rather than putting a hose clamp around the seat tube, I drilled a hole and inserted a jack nut (easy to do -- you can Youtube it) to provide a "bottle boss" type mounting point. I then attached a vinyl-coated cable clamp to it. Its color matches the bike so you can hardly see...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Magnum Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    If the chain is popping off on the inside (towards the seat tube), there's an easy fix. Just rig up a hose clamp or something similar (from you local hardware store), clamped onto the seat tube, that will ride close to top of the chain ring...that will keep the chain on. My wife also has a...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Snow Canyon, just north of Saint George, Utah, USA, on my recently-converted Surly Pugsley.
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    Safety with E Bikes

    I agree that throttles are good to have on ebikes. I find myself more willing to come to a complete stop on my ebike than I used to with a regular bike because it's much easier to give myself a little kick start to get through the intersection. Good safety thing.
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    Hub Drive/Mid Drive Battery specs??

    The thing you need to do is look at watthours. That tells you the available energy. If you're looking at just voltage or just amphours, it doesn't give you the whole story. Total power is the voltage multiplied by the current. 10AH at 36 volts is 360 watthours,, where 10AH at 48 volts is 480...
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    BBSHD Hot rod mode... what can I expect?

    Pretty much just maxed out performance at every level. I bought my BBSHD kit programmed in hot rod mode, but SOON toned it down because it was just too jumpy for my tastes. If you have the programming cable (and a PC), it's a lot of fun to download lots of sets of parameters that others have...
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    e-bike hatred.. I've found it

    These threads are fun to read. Just imagine if these forums had been around when those speed demons started driving those horseless carriages...probably scared the beJesus out of the righteous horse & buggy drivers that they'd ruin the trails. Or even when they started putting METAL SHOES on...
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    Flat tire and battery fell out!

    I have two Magnum bikes, a Metro (for my wife) and a Peak. The Metro has been flawless, but I've had a couple of issues with the Peak (we have around 800 miles on each). While they haven't set any speed records, Magnum has been responsive in each case (through my local bike shop). I'm sure...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Magnum Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I got my bike back today...appears to be fully operational. Apparently, Magnum had a batch of bad switches. Got another new display/switch panel installed and back in business. BTW...the programming code for setting parameters was previously 8306, but the code for this new display (at least the...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Magnum Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I have a Peak that I bought in March, and it died a month ago (booted up fine, but no power PAS or throttle). After a long wait ( a month), the LBS got a new display because the Minus button on the control pad had swollen up and wouldn't press. (I think they replaced the display more than once...