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    LockDown Fun - Show Us Pictures of Your Pets

    Our 2year old female wiemaraner, Sitka, has been a wonderful addition to our family.
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    Bosch Travel Charger

    This works without any problems
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    First Ride on the New Allant 9.9s

    I have written quite a bit about the easyfold over the past two years. Here is a search for "thule easyfold" under my name.[users]=Alaskan&o=date
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    What to do?

    Solid advise here.
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    The Ultimate Mid-Drive Chain Care Thread

    Great work gathering so much solid info together. We are all in your debt.
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    Does something like this exist?

    Actaully they did a study with some police departments and found that visible alarm systems , with lights and buzzers were a greater deterrent to thieves, sending them off to attempt easier targets. A bike with a visible and audible alarm is less likely to be stolen and need tracking in the...
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    Need help changing chain

    There is much discussion in this forum about chain wear, its cause and how often to change so as to avoid unnecessary wear to cassettes and sprockets. Please use the search function to explore what people have recommended already, No need to state everything all over again when it is already...
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    Does something like this exist?
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    Street vs trail ?

    I won't ride on mixed use trails. Not possible to keep safe distances, especially with aerosols. The roads are way safer virus wise and have far fewer cars now.
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    My issue has nothing to do with Bosch or the E14. My hub started losing oil out of the axle passage. It could have happened to any bike built with a Rohloff, ebike or otherwise. Thank goodness the team at Fly Rides is my best advocate. I hope Riese&Muller gets involved but it will likely...
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    Dennis I do agree that Riese & Muller will be suffering a serious diminution of their brand if they don't take action to deal proactively with the issues that Rohloff is causing. R&M built the bike, they sold the bike and they have the responsibility to assure the value of their own product...
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    Where Is It Legal To Ride Under Covid-19 Restrictions

    Getting out for exercise on bikes is still permited around here. Our roads are nearly empty except for a few bike riders and have very few cars on them, making them safe to ride for exercise without risk of contact. Mixed use trails around here, which are plentiful, are another matter and...
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    Riese & Müller : Reliability & Support

    I believe the direction this thread has gone validates my initial concern about the nominal topic. While a few issues specific to decisions made by Riese & Muller have been discussed, such as Ravi's point about Riese & Muller's lack of commitment to establishing service centers in its overseas...
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    Show your cockpit

    The baramind handlebars are all pro and no con. They make a huge difference in comfort without any identifiable downside. I recommend them as highly as the Kinekt body float, maybe even more as what they do for what they cost is amazing.
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    Show your cockpit

    From left to right - SQ Lab Grips -Mirror - Bosch Motor/Display Control - High Beam Switch - Knog Oi 1800 Lumen Light - Nyon Display - USB Horn - Quad Lock Phone Mount - Horn Button - AXS Controller - Kong Oi Bell - All on Baramind City Shock Absorber Handlebars.