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    eBikes? Or eMopeds?

    I'm interested in Emopeds. I ride an ebike now. However, I also ride a motorscooter and am seeking an electric replacement as a transportation alternative. I don't own a car. The strength of an ebike is the ability to bring the battery inside to charge. The Escooters/Emotorcycles are that the...
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    Best Choice for Entry-Level Ebike?

    I'd go with The Blix Aveny is a very good and durable bike for the price point.
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    Why are the e-bike sold only with heavy inefficient fat tires?

    Why do you need lighter components on an ebike? You need more durability since you ride more and longer. I've been ebiking for a two years now four seasons. I'm sick of chain and cassette replacements. My next ebike will be belt driven. I commute so I don't care about weight, I care more about...
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    Priority Embark anyone?

    Priority came out with another ebike this year that's more affordable and has Class 3 capabilities called the Current.
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    Comparing ebikes to buy

    I would also look at the Priority Current ebike!
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    Priority Bicycles just launched the most affordable Gates belt mid-drive e-bike

    I'm split between three bikes the Priority Current, with Rack/Basket; Dosh Down ebike, and Electra Townie Go 5i. I like the maintenance free aspect of the belt and hub shifting. I watch Ryan Van Duzer too! His mom owns a Priority Embark and I am impressed. I am currently riding a Blix Aveny...
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    Priority Bikes ebikes

    Hi Court, Do you plan on reviewing the Priority Embark and Current ebikes. Both bikes look like great commuters. Thank You.
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    Aveny Front Basket Screws

    I used the bolts that came with the basket and they worked fine!
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    Blix Aveny - more power, more range, more features... same price

    I have about 2200 miles on my Blix Aveny. I have owned my bike since March 2020. My bike lives outside and I bring my battery in every two to three days if the temperature is above 50 F I am a type 2 diabetic and have lost about 45 lbs. My insulin doses have gone down by 90% and I am trying to...
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    Yamaha unveils new full-suspension electric mountain bike

    Bike and price are on the website.
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    Yamaha Mid Drive Motors

    The new Yamaha Bikes
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    The bikes are pricey, but 80 NM of Torque! Incline detection! What do you think?
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    Yamaha Mid Drive Motors

    How come nobody is talking about these drive systems?
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    The Scorpion is deceptively efficient

    Thank You. The range is too short. I'm going to look at another ebike.
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    The Scorpion is deceptively efficient

    Bruce, I'm thinking about getting one of these. I commute about 25 Miles RT mostly flat some hills going home. What PAS level do you mostly use? I want to go about 17 MPH pedalling? What PAS level would you use? What is the range at that PAS? How often would I have to charge it? Would you buy...