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    Polaris Vector V2

    yep medium only , on the polaris , it sounds plausible yes :-)
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    Polaris Vector V2

    Hi! I sent them a mail , and actually got a 2015 catalog with all the new models for Europe ! Vector is not mentioned anymore , now named "Rail" I think , also a bunch of other different models . It is possible there are some name changes for Europe... Dealer agreements in Scandinavia within...
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    Hello! From Polaris eBikes!

    So whats the status on the V2 version ?
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    Polaris Vector V2

    any update on the V2 version? I am interested in the bike but not the V1 , with the V2 upgrade it looks like a good deal. But I cannot find any official info other than a Youtube video and and launch in april 2014 ,, its allmost June now