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    Update: fixed! (re: Frustrating Juiced experience new CCX)

    Yeah, no difference between controllers, they all support 52v. The only variation is old ccs controllers have different firmware than new CCX controllers ( but both support 52v) My guess is that it's not the controller at all based on what you're experiencing.
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    So my next question... any way to retrofit a more powerful controller to a CCX? Not looking to do it now, but would be nice to know if the option we're available down the road.
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    The next (new) juiced bike . Juiced scorpion

    I'm curious what hub motor the hyper uses. I read it's a 1000w Bafang, but I wasn't aware they made a hub motor that powerful. Is it a new Bafang motor, or a MAC from other hyper models, or are they just running the regular Bafang at way higher power?
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    Juice CC-S2 - Size (medium vs large) - Did anyone get the medium and think it was too small?

    I'm 5'10", 32" inseam, L is just about right for me, and my seatpost is raised about 6-7" from minimum.
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    Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S Battery Information

    But the 48v charger isn't.
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    Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent S Battery Information

    Dumb question, but are you sure the new battery isn't the 52v model?
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    Folding Locks: ABus Bordo 6000 vs Foldylock Compact on CCS/CCX

    For people who people comparing the ABus Bordo 6000 to the Foldylock Compact... I bought the Foldylock Compact it works fairly well. With the holder attached to the toptube, there's just enough room/play to slide the lock forward into/out of the holder. Other than that, the only downside is that...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    New CCS/CCX Fender Stays - Probably not worth a separate post, but I had to remove the front wheel on my CCX to transport in our car, and of course the front fender stays got all bent up during loading/unloading. I was able to bend them back into place, swearing the whole time at the way they...
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    Upgrade shocks?

    I got a satori animaris on Amazon for $59 and have been pleased so far.
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    Brian's CCX Journal

    I think (hope?) the CCX controller is just a CCS controller with updated firmware. Why? When Juiced sent me a replacement controller, the date code was from way back in early 2018, so my guess was they sent me an old/refurbed CCS controller with new CCX firmware. There was also no heatsink...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    FWIW, my CCX came with the spokes alternating.
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    To "Juice" or not ?

    I'm one of the people who reported issues, but would definitely do it again. Juiced fixed every issue I reported, so the only downside was the hassle of having to replace the controller myself. If I had to grade them, it would probably look something like this: Product support: A. Their support...
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    First ride report & Low voltage setting for CCX

    Hey, you're just around the corner from me, so maybe you can answer a pressing question: how was the CCX coming up the 520 bike trail from Redmond? I used to bike it on my way to work, and one of the prime reasons to get a CCX was to get up that damn hill without killing myself.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I was able to pop them out pretty easily, but you have to pick an opening to get your finger under it to pull. Either start with the bottom one where the cables exit, or with the top one where there's an indentation on either side for the cables to enter. Pulling them out was pretty easy. The...