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    Bafang Ultra pedal assist

    I'm sorry to be closing this thread. You may have a healthy debate and state your facts, but when it resorts to name-calling, passive-aggressive comments, and a lot of editing, it's time to move on.
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    Hello All

    Hello, vanack! Welcome to the EBR community. Congrats on your e-bike! There is a ton of information here and many helpful members. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're struggling to find an answer.
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    To the Moderator This may get me Banned for suggesting it

    When a thread is closed it doesn't mean that it is due to the original poster doing anything wrong; it is the information and behavior of content contained within the thread which gets it closed. None of this is directed to you personally @BarryS , I am just providing a response to hopefully...
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    To the Moderator This may get me Banned for suggesting it

    @BarryS Disagreements are one thing but when people cannot constructively disagree or debate and result in name-calling, downgrading, and just unkind behavior in general, that's where it stops. You and others may be that way, but EBR is not. I have referenced the EBR Rules and Etiquette thread...
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    Why are Threads Being Deleted because Someone Complains

    Alright everyone, this is a prime example of why threads get closed. It no longer makes any sense because it's now off-topic and most are bickering back-n-forth about their previous comment.
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    Why are Threads Being Deleted because Someone Complains

    Hey all! It's your neighborhood moderator here. Most members here are adults and should know how to debate constructively. There is going to be a difference of opinion, which is healthy, but some find it extremely difficult to refrain from name-calling, passive-aggressive, and insulting...
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    Changing Pressure on Fat Tire Bikes With Slime

    Thank you all for realizing we are different and can have different experiences and opinions. I'd love to keep this thread open as there is some good discussion so please let's get back on topic ;). Thank you!
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    Test ride on a Bikonit MD1000 (Mid-Drive) and HD 750 (Hub-Drive)

    Hey all! I just wanted to update that you'll see several deleted posts on the previous page. The member shared his experience in this thread, several members commented and it began to take over the original subject here. I've asked that the member create his own thread so he can be heard and...
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    Swisstrack© GPS Bike Tracker

    All, please get back on track to the original subject or this post will need to be closed. Thank you!
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    Blue HyperScorpian Experience — [spoiler: it’s not good]

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine two different threads. Please send me a message on which one you'd like to keep. Thank you!
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    mid drives are not for everyone/throttles are fine

    Hey, guys! I want to apologize for the negative interactions you've encountered with other members of this forum. The biggest rule at EBR is to be kind. If someone finds it difficult to just ignore a post and feels the need to leave a negative comment, please click on the "report" link that can...
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    Metropolitan? Others?

    Hey @Fromadiva , just to be clear, you're not selling the bike but you want opinions on this particular one?
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    Quick review of the 2020 M

    This is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to write up your review!
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    My first eBike is being delivered today!

    How exciting! We look forward to seeing photos and reading about your experience! Congrats!
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    Truck bed rack problem solved

    Clever! Thanks for sharing :)