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    ??? Class 2 Regulations on Throttle Usage ????

    It all depends upon what state you're in, ebikemom. Laws vary and are generally not clearly phrased and my experience has been that police here tend to look for folks doing really stupid stuff on e-scooters or ebikes before interfering or ticketing. The gas powered bikes are the ones that are...
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    Are battery packs and charger system like good and bad neighbors (cells) randomly huddled together in cold weather around a fire (charger) ?

    There will need to be some adaptation on your side; first and foremost, storing the battery indoors while at work or home or stopping anywhere for very long to help keep the battery temperature as close to room temp as possible. That will help any Li battery function better in colder temps...
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Lizzybnh, Welcome to our EBR Community :); that "Holy Cow!!!" and big grin is a great way to experience an electric bike for the first time. It is exhilarating. When you say short; what's your height. Court's done a number of reviews on low step ebikes that can also be good for shorter folks, so...
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    Anyone Update to 850C Display

    @Calicoskies, I'm wondering how you determined that the wiring was different. It would be fairly unusual to have the pin-out on this component be different for different brands. If the issue was with the receiving end already on the bike, there should be some guide to what each pin is for then...
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    Yamaha Haibike battery/ engine serviceman needed! ( Europe )

    @Laci, where in Europe are you located? The majority of our members are in N. America; however, not all. Another good place to make this post would be on @JayVee, you live in Europe somewhere, do you have any suggestions or other forums where Laci might find some answers?
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    Thudbuster Alternative?

    Not sure, Riversurf; check out our Seatpost Article for some ideas; one person mentioned a Suntour NCX. Are you not able to drop the post height enough to make your Thudbuster work? Any suspension post with this design will raise the saddle height some but if you could lower the post once you...
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    Using buckets as panniers (DIY)

    No, don't spend that much, ebikemom. Saw some on Amazon for that kind of price and even thought the Home Depot version was a bit overpriced. Try the Cary Company; they have a good selection of safe, non-toxic, buckets (lids are separate) but they sell 'onesies' not just bulk.
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    Using buckets as panniers (DIY)

    @ebikemom, totally clever! but not really waterproof, unfortunately. All of the grommets & holes have the potential to let water in; however, all is not lost :). The holes for the mounting system have to be there, so to reduce water intrusion, use some waterproof rated silicone caulk (like...
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    ??? Class 2 Regulations on Throttle Usage ????

    Actually, @Ken M, you are mistaken about the Mando Footloose. It has pedals and according to the owner's manual can be propelled just using those pedals, although at a lower speed than the 15mph top speed, 250 watt motor can with throttle. There are other bicycles and possibly a few ebikes that...
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    Bike regulation questions

    @JayVee, Thanks for the specifics on European rules for electric bike certification and the pluses of buying where you're going to live. I understand that the EU has set some formidable tariffs on ebikes coming in; however, if you have links on info that would help us better understand the EU...
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    Is it possible to stiffen the front fork

    Athena, have you loosened the lockring on top first, then adjust lower nut, then tighten lockring. That's the only way to be certain that both nuts are tensioned properly. Getting the proper adjustment on the top bolts should fix the lower bearing set. If it doesn't the bearings are worn or the...
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    Is it possible to stiffen the front fork

    @Nova Haibike, this bike has a threaded headset. What you're talking about is a threadless headset. Think I've got myself a topic for another article :D Either one is easy to adjust unless the races or bearings are shot.
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    Is it possible to stiffen the front fork

    Sorry folks, @Athena & @rich c; the Izip Mtn. Trailz came with a non-adjustable suspension fork with some covering material at the top part of the fork just below the crown. Try holding the stem and fork area at the crown and rock the fork back & forth. If there's movement, then either the...
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    Bike regulation questions

    Alan, that's a possibility. @Cates, to help you figure out the 'right' bike; please share what you know about the terrain where you'll be living in Germany and the potential max range you want. I gather from your first post that you're probably going to be doing off-road as well as on road. My...