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    Lamborghini gets into the e-bike business

    I love the idea of gearing being integral to the motor, though maintenance would be a PITA on the road. I can understand why the big mid-driver makers keep the gearing separate from the motor, as it gives bike manufacturers options to build commuters, eMTB, cruisers etc with different gearing...
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    Driven Bikes - anyone heard of them?

    Go to and look for a bike with the same frame. It's a fairly generic frame. :)
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    Seat / Saddle advice or opinions.... ?

    Although it's difficult to tell from the photo, when you say "down there", do you mean towards the front, or the back? I'm guessing towards the front. :) While saddle style is a personal choice, a LOT of discomfort can be easily alleviated by adjusting not only position, but angle, which is...
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    Front shocks

    Oh, I just looked at the Interceptor, and I'm not sure a suspension stem would work, just because the handlebars are really swept back. Redshift doesn't recommend the ShockStem on sweptback handlebars. I have a Redshift on my bike, and the bars are JUST swept back enough have the outer edge of...
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    Swapping Bafang display.

    It's a fun little side trail I found while riding the Don River path in Toronto. It's short, at about half a km but there's a lot of hidden side trails off the Don, including a fun area more for MTB riding just west of there called Cottonwood Flats. I'm really enjoying the OHM Cruise a lot...
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    Swapping Bafang display.

    Ha, totally forgot about this thread. Just for the record, I got a second bike with a Shimano E6100 motor. :) I still have the Mini, but it's essentially a utility bike that gets ridden every 2 or 3 weeks for about 10km, so I'm less concerned about upgrades.
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    Frozen battery?

    What @6zfshdb said. Here's a (pretty basic) chart for lithium battery performance at different temps... Basically using in lower temps make it less efficient which means range. Higher temps are a bigger culprit on degradation. In colder temps, even an inexpensive home-made battery wrap can...
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    Pre-order and long wait to be the new norm for ebikes.

    What size/colour? I happened to be browsing AmegoEV, and they have a white M and a black L in their Toronto store, and they may have more in their San Diego warehouse.
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    Pre-order and long wait to be the new norm for ebikes.

    Sounds like Bolton (and some other DTC companies) didn't anticipate demand, or other business considerations led to them not loading up on stock (lack of up capital/overstock storage etc). I'm not saying there are NO shortages (especially on components), but lack of stock is NOT across the...
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    Which bike should i get Juiced Cross Current - Rize RX - Voltbike Yukon.

    I see you've already ordered! Considering replacing my hub bike with one with the Bafang mid-drive (already have a Shimano mid-drive as well). When I've ordered bikes online, I've always called after filling out everything but credit card info, just to speak to someone and confirm that the...
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    Considering adding an IGH to my Shimano E6100... upgrade or not?

    Thanks, I did see some threads from the mtbr forums. My understanding is that the Alfine 8 uses grease, whereas the 11 uses oil, so it's more prone to leaking. I was going to ask about sprocket and chainring, but figured that once I decide on a path forward, the mechanic would probably steer me...
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    Considering adding an IGH to my Shimano E6100... upgrade or not?

    Looking for advice/experiences adding an IGH to my bike. The bike is an OHM Cruise with the Shimano E6100, and the drivetrain is a 10 speed Deore (11-36 tooth), with 42 tooth chainring. The display is the larger SC-E6100 so all kinds of cockpit info there, including gearing info. I don't NEED...
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    Bike cameras

    The Osmo Action is a great camera. I love the image quality, even compared to GoPro. It's DeWarp feature does a good job of getting rid of distortion around the edges, though you do sacrifice a bit of the field of view.
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    Bike cameras

    Without having hands on experience with the Brave 7, just watching reviews, the Brave 7 stabilization is smoother than the V50 series. The Brave 7 is also rated at IPX8 meaning it's weather resistant without the housing which may be the better for cycling. If you want to see some difference in...
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    Bike cameras

    I wasn't knocking Akaso overall, but since the OP mentioned a handlebar mount, I figured it was worth pointing out that a handlebar mount might be a bit much for its EIS software. Even the GoPro Hero9 and Osmo Action will have bad EIS moments (just not as many) when mounted on handlebars or...