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    Using the manual regenerative braking feature

    :Hey there 86 and Kicking and John from Soquel. I live in Pleasure Point and ride to the Westside each day to work. I have about 1400 miles this summer on my bike. I would be nice to say hi over a cup of coffee at Peet's or my favorite Verve. Let me know if you are up for that. I would have...
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    Stromer throttle - is it awkward to hold the display button?

    LOL ST2 Boosts mode! , why would I use it. I can't even go that slow with the bike in level 1 mode. I'm not even sure why they have this feature. Does anyone use this?
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    Stromer ST2 Firmware Update

    Dear JFane, As a rider of the ST2 your issue is such a bummer! I've had a few issues too but worked them out quickly. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date. Best of Luck! Anthony
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    ST2 and Apple App

    The app works for my on my iPhone 5 just fine. I really only use it to disable "theft mode" and play with my custom settings.
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    ST1 Tire Pressure ?

    I weigh in at 150, dropped my psi down to 30 and really like the added traction and soft ride that running at this psi provides. Since I ride in a urban setting with curbs, rail tracks, ruts, sand, slick concrete, long wooden train trestle bridge and many tight turns there is just no benefit to...
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    ST1 Tire Pressure ?

    I've been happy with 30 PSI Front and Rear. On my ST2- My friend has a ST1 coming this week so I will tinker with his bike when we set it up and give you some feed back.
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    New Bike, re Magic Carpet

    I had a problem and emailed them in the AM and got a call later at 5pm. It was a simple fix & user error :0). So far they have been good. Yea my rides on the St2 in dirt were not on mountain bike trails but city dirt /walk path and fire roads. I was comparing it to my 20 speed with 24 mm...
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    ST2 owners always carry these 2 items

    Ok learned the hard way so I thought I would share. 1. Once in while you might get an error code between rides when you turn on the bike. The cool part is you can just pop the battery out and it will reset. The downside is you need your KEY! Now I keep my key with me all the time. Update on...
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    Performance upgrades to the Stomer?

    Yep, the bodyfloat rules.
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    New Bike, re Magic Carpet

    Riding this bad boy does not get old. I love letting my friends try it out. So far everyone has been blown away by the bike. I was out for a ride last night and I ended up on a dirt trail, I was surprised how good this bike did off road. Again, always surprised how well this bike does in a...
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    Once I adjusted my #2 setting with the app I had an *2. I wish the manual would let you know this but we have each other to figure this out.
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    Stromer ST2 Battery

    I only had this problem once and have charged my battery about 10 times now. I did catch that you need to drain it the first 3 times to zero, which was not a big deal. BTW, do plug in charger 1st then attach to bike. I was getting some error codes popping up after charging. Not 100% sure if...
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    ST2 Commuter

    Are you going to ditch the wheel reflectors? BTW my reflectors fell off of my pedal one at at time over the first 4 days. LOL I guess they just figured no one would keep them so the did a shitty job. At least I could rip off the connectors by hand. OMG
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    ST2 Commuter

    Tire Pressure up date. Ok well after running super high PSI 48 for a week, I thought I would drop it down to 40f -35 rear and play with it. It was so much better in many ways. Traction, ride, and handling all were improved. I did some research and I found that 2 bar or 30PSI is the...