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    Mirror for NCM Moscow Plus

    I have had that grip off to mount the Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror on the Moscow and the Prague. The bolt goes into an expander that will enable the grip to come off. What I had to do was modify the mirror, I cut the end of the mirror off so that there was no right angle and grinded it flush, if...
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    New Moscow

    This is great stuff. Thank you all very much.
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    New Moscow

    Thank you, I am good with the accessories, but i did forget chain lube. I was thinking more along the lines of a replacement part.
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    New Moscow

    After 25 years, I am returning to cycling. I Purchased a Moscow this week and I found out a night later my son purchased a Prague. I predict fun times ahead. I was wondering is there a particular part I should order and have at the ready. I assume extra tire tubes would be high on the list...