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    COVID-19 / recession buying an ebike...are there deals to be had?

    Yeah between limited ebike production capacity (in the short to medium term, 6-24 months), social distancing and ebikes being a cheap substitute for cars, I would not expect discounts on commuter models. Plausible for some recreational only models, eg MTBs
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    Torque sensor performance

    I think a lot of casual users won't notice a small lag. I recall my CCS having a small lag, under a second, maybe 0.25-0.5. the lag also seemed greater with less battery.
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    Have you seen Tora's latest video?

    One of his colleagues had told me he spends more time there than stateside. I can't speak to Tora's factory, but it's commonly said that in China if you don't keep a close eye on operations, corners get cut and quality control plummets. It's not a turnkey operation. Cf. Chabuduo. Plus Tora...
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    Future Bike Model Proposal: Roadster 800

    When do these models get announced in more detail, April? @krdugger
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    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread)

    Wavecel Specter by Bontrager. I actually just crashed with it a couple weeks ago and a) there was zero damage to my head and b) Trek replaced the helmet for free thanks to it's 1 year crash guarantee. I had a previous crash two years before with a Specialized Echelon, a poorly rated helmet for...
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    Handelbar phone mount.

    I use a stem mount by gaciron. $22. It uses a sticker and stem mount but the sticker appears very secure, I've never had an issue. Non stem mounts are inferior if you want to use the mount often, because you've got to mess with the mount each time to use it. a sticker mount is a 1 second 1...
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    What do you use for a Helmet? (Pictures Thread)

    Use this list.
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    UK Study finds bike commuting is more dangerous

    Yeah, it's awful that we have to ride this way, and we shouldn't have to, but you can cut your risk by, in this instance: 1. Never ride side by side with cars and especially trucks - either you pass or they do 2. Look at where the driver is drifting to, where his wheels are pointing, his...
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    UK Study finds bike commuting is more dangerous

    Your point? Anyone who talks about a probabilistic phenomenon as if it were a simple will/will not happen is a sophist fraud. As for the biker, he is not morally at fault at all, but I strenuously avoid riding side by side with (large) vehicles as much as possible. Assume all cars are always...
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    UK Study finds bike commuting is more dangerous

    If your riding skills are above average, your risk will be lower. And that can be learned. Riding technique, location and timing are big factors. I always recommend people take bike education classes if they want to bike daily.
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    Top 5 reasons why electric mountain bikes make great commuter bikes

    The bike industry has a long history of aping carmakers and courting soft dudes who want to look hard tooling around their white bread cul-de-sac on 'off-road' vehicles. Extending it to e-mtbs was an inevitable progression.
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    Why not speed limits?

    Names don't matter, where people ride them does.
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    Why not speed limits?

    Onyx RCR goes up to 60 mph. Sur Ron to 47 mph. Bunch of others go up to 35. Plenty of bike paths that aren't congested but still dangerous to do >25 mph.
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    New class 3 or more hub motor bikes starting with the Biktrix Swift and the Hilleater Phaserunner

    I'd heard that regen usually isn't more efficient than good riding technique, given the extra weight. Is GMAC's regen somehow better? Does it add drag when coasting or affect braking distances?
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    CCX vs S2?

    You can get more aero by flipping/lengthening the stem and getting narrower handlebars. Straight mtb bars are a dumb choice anyway on a commuter street bike.