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    Brooks seat cover

    There is also a fairly lengthy forum discussion somewhere (probably MTBR) on the covers which was not very positive, but which of course I cannot find now. I actually read the thread in the past week as I was researching the choice of Brooks saddle for my Salsa Mukluk build; I cannot make my...
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    Brooks seat cover

    First page of Google brought up the UK retailer's Chain Reaction website ... enough negative comments for me to confirm that there are mixed views. Also respected riders at the Australian Cycling Forums, tourers like me and whose views and experiences I hold highly also express similar views to...
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    Brooks seat cover

    Great idea and a little tidier than using shopping bags and as two of my bikes are used touring they are out in all weather for days at a time. The third one has a C15 on it ... still to decide if I like that or not. Andrew
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    Brooks seat cover

    If you search around the place you will find the reviews of it are fairly negative. Not something that I have bothered with my numerous Brooks saddles. I also never knew that there was an "UV problem" with the saddles, a getting soaked one yes, but not a UV one ... Plastic shopping bags do the...
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    Has anyone purchased this chainwheel yet?"LEKKIE BLING RING, 42T CNC CHAIN WHEEL FOR BAFANG BBS02"

    I have one as well and they are actually made in NZ or a NZ design IIRC. Andrew
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    What sort of riding do you want to use the pedals for? Do you want clipless on both sides or platform on one and clipless on the other? Price limits? Andrew
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    help with chain jam

    By the sounds of it you have a chainline problem which would require Currie interaction if under warranty or possibly a chain length problem. With respect to the chain length, Sheldon Brown RIP has good guidance as always on measuring the chain length. Maybe check the length is correct first...
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    Does anyone have experience or knowledge to share about Fat Tire bikes?

    Beat me to it :) Excellent suggestion. I have gone with Maxxis Mammoth tyres for my Salsa Mukluk build but have yet to try them out. Maxxis Mammoth by aushiker, on Flickr Andrew
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    Recall: Pedego Recalls Electric Bicycle Batteries Due To Fire Hazard

    This recall involves 36-volt and 48-volt lithium ion rechargeable batteries sold separately and as original equipment with Pedego electric bikes. Recalled batteries of each voltage came in two styles. One style has a silver or black metal case that measures about 13 ½ inches long, 6 ½ inches...
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    Sitting on a Dead Cow

    That is interesting as the Flyer (67S) and the B17 actually use the same top so should be the same comfort from that aspect. The difference between the two being the springs. I have a Flyer (standard one) and haven't found the springs that useful but then I don't have a sore back. I have ridden...
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    Sitting on a Dead Cow

    Personally I wouldn't go near a Brooks saddle with Neats-foot oil. Brooks England specifically warn against this: Neat’s-foot oil, in particular, is known to have serious harmful effects on a Brooks saddle, weakening the inner fibres of the leather to the point where the leather is no longer...
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    Sitting on a Dead Cow

    I blogged on my Brook saddles back in 2009. All my diamond frame bikes still have them, I have toured extensively on them, I commute on them and my new fatbike build is getting one. I guess I am a fanboy :) Andrew
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    Disc Brake Pads: can you buy thicker pads that last longer?

    SwissStop widely considered one of the best brake pad also make disc brake pads including pads specific for e-bikes. You need to know your brake disc model (not the bike model) to see if there is a suitable e-bike pad for your brakes. Also expect to pay top dollar. These are not "throw-away"...
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    A POC Upon Your House

    I do and my replacement helmet will be one. In my case they are still Australian Standards certified so cannot be any worse than other helmets in our market and hopefully better. Andrew
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    Any eBike kits compatible with road bikes?

    I have done it and so far I am very happy with it. In my case I have taken my Bafang BBS01 off my now sold Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT and installed it on a aluminum framed Giant OCR 1. Sorry the photos are on my computer at home but will post them later if you wish. Because the Giant OCR has...