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    Watt Wagons new display - colors and UI layout feedback

    @pushkar I'm really liking the new display layout, kudos. I'll throw in my vote for a calculated number of miles available as an option on the display. What are the display colors for Sport mode?
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    Ultra programing isuues

    Hi Geeno, Where did you get the programming software from? I'm happy to be corrected if the following isn't the case, but I thought the upgraded controller from Watt Wagons will be using different programming software compared to applications folks have been using to modify their stock Bafang...
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    Looking for active feedback, beta testers ... etc etc

    I'm not meeting the criteria list, but let me know if there's another method I can volunteer.
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    Watt Wagon direct competitors?

    I think I have the same tires, and they're definitely great for on road. I have taken an occasional detour thru dirt roads, and trails without any problems.
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    Watt Wagon direct competitors?

    @Gee_Whiz , Why this line vs other high-end bikes such as the Riese and Muller? Titanium frame, and the Bafang Ultra. Also the Riese Muller and other high end bikes tend to not have a throttle and their engines are governed. With no reviews that I could source, even here on EBR.. what drew...
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    Is the archon x1 controller the best PAS experience?

    My comparison to the Archon X1 is against the Bafang Ultra stock controller, and against the Bafang BBSHD that I had installed on a Priority Continuum bicycle. I can say that the Archon X1 is heads and shoulders better at ramp up speed as well as in battery usage since I'm getting almost double...
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    X1 upgrade first impressions

    Welcome aboard. :)
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    Would love some advice on configuration for my upcoming UC Pro

    Hi Jeff, welcome aboard. :) 1. I prefer more than 3 speeds. Also with an IGH, as opposed to a cassette and two or more front chainrings, there won't be any duplicate gears. 2. I can only speak about the Rohoff. It's hands down the best IGH I've used between a Shimano 3 speed, and a Nuvinci...
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    My Archon Range

    I'm riding on pavement predominantly. I've also noticed the slight volt difference between my bike display and the satiator.
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    My Archon Range

    It's a 52v 17.5ah battery. I should have mentioned that in the beginning. Thanks for the reminder @vincent .
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    🤞 Ditto.
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    @TomD, what's the PAS level where you're noticing the motor is not easing up enough for the gear sensor? From my understanding it sounds like when you're at this higher PAS level and try shifting to another gear the motor is turning a bit too fast/hard so shifting to another sprocket is...
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    My Archon Range

    Here are my subjective thoughts on these questions: 1. Regarding this study, and my own personal experience the UC is without a doubt an exercise bike. Even though I'm on an ebike, I'm outside and getting exercise. One part of the summation of the study is, "...this data suggests that e-bike...
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    My Archon Range

    We're in the same boat @TomD. Before the Archon upgrade, and using the stock controller, even running on only 750W, my range was limited to around 25 miles. The bulk of places I wanted to get to were over 15 miles away, so I typically charged at the location or knew of a park nearby with an...
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    My Archon Range

    On Eco PAS 1 I don't have to work hard at all. However, I was pretty knackered when I ended the experiment and tempted to call a Lyft to get back home, but this is due to being out in the 99 degree heat for over 4 hours. To give a little more detail, which I should have provided for...