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    WI about to review laws re ebikes

    Same problem up here in AK.. they want you to get a moped license to ride a electric bike.. bogus. Federal standards state the obvious, if only they could be made into a national standard that would set the trend.. However, most cops have much else to do then worry about a bike hooked up to a...
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    Would like to go faster!

    Based on our findings here: - Controller is good for 1 KW+, so we don't need to worry about that. - Current display has speed limit set @ 24mph (40kph on display). - Stock battery is good for 48V @ 11.x A, or approx 800W peak output (as indicated on stock display/controller). Potential...
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    Any RadRover contributors out there ?

    Only thing that I found on the RadRover is the front chainring & LCD speed limiter. Between the two, you're limited on speed. The 60 tooth front chainring doesn't allow you to crank assist much at 20 MPH+ (too many RPMs), and the LCD speed limiter keeps you speed limited to 25 MPH (40 KPM max)...