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    One possible adverse medical outcome of Covid-19

    Yep, I just left another forum because it’s all COVID 19 and getting old. Plus there are the believers and non-believers arguing their views constantly and it’s not what the forum is for. Let‘s drop this and focus on e-bikes.
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    Danny Macaskill on the new Santa Cruz emtb

    Having a guy with his rep do a video on exiles is an amazing step forward for the community.
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    Supercharger 2 2020 loud horn suggestions

    I can’t advise here, but the horn on my Supercharger 2 sounds like a sick VW Bug.
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    Belt drive class 3 bikes

    TheProsCloset is a very reputable bike reseller in Boulder, Colorado.
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    Took the plunge...getting a 2020 eProdigy Magic Pro

    Welcome. I felt the same way about Riese and Muller, but luckily for me I was able to score a 6 month old one for about 40% off and took the plunge a few months ago. Still getting things dialed in on bike adjustments, but it sure if fun to commute on and with the coronavirus going around, I...
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    I think space force is about what satellite intel we can gather and apply to Tripps on the ground, and possibly one day, what weapons / defenses we can put in orbit. Troops in space is a long way from reality
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    I applied, but think I got the “is the moon made of cheese” question wrong on the application. :eek:
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    FNG needing advise

    I haven’t ridden them but our neighbors up the street have built several ebikes and recently brought his/hers xduros. He’s one of those who researches the heck out of everything, so I see that as a pretty good endorsement for them.
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    Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Nice commute to work today. My coworkers thought I was nuts because it was low 20’s F this morning. The temp didn’t bother me but some of the icy spots were a bit hairy.
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    Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    My wife said it was below 20F when we started, so yeah, the goggles help to keep the eyes from watering and the face warm in those temps. Today was much better - in the mid 50’s - so I took a spin around a local park in normal riding gear after doing some adjustments to the controls and adding...
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    Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    I took the 2019 Supercharger that I bought here out on its inaugural ride on Friday for Winter Bike to Work Day with my wife and her fat bike. It was a blast, at least for me - the wife was working hard pedaling that beast.
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    Surviving and Thriving - a video by Scott & the Fly Rides team about Alaskan & his Wife

    Great story and yes, you were very lucky to have a doc & AED on the boat that day! What bag was on the front of the bike your wife was riding?
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    A Question of ride comfort for Court or anybody else.

    i would not say that. I have a fat bike with 4.5” tires and a XC bike with 3.3” tires - both set up tubeless. The XC bike with lower tire pressure rides great. The 4.5” tires get kind of bouncy. If you are doing roads and light trails, avoid the fat tires. If you are doing mostly off road, fat...
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    A Question of ride comfort for Court or anybody else.

    Lockout is relative. My Niner RIP9 RDO still has pedal bob when locked out. yes. You can ride at lower tire pressure and get a softer ride and better traction
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    A Question of ride comfort for Court or anybody else.

    Depends. If you are riding streets and light trails there is little need for full suspension. It increase maintenance cost and decreases pedaling efficiency. A seat post shock could be added if you want a little more comfort or over time, you’ll see the rough sections coming and just raise your...