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    Maintenance costs

    Thanks for all the information! Will be useful for next summer! :)
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    2017 Growler 'Mr Big Stuff' 26" MTB fat bike BBSHD build summary

    Thanks a lot for the detailed report! :)
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    Maintenance costs

    This reminds me of opening a new thread about which tools and parts do I need for commuting (taxi's won't be an option where I commute). I'll need to be self-sufficient as much as possible.
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    Maintenance costs

    Using your numbers and using a higher threshold of 3000 miles/year and converting to Canadian dollars and prices, I get an approximate annual cost of 1250$ CAD. Not bad! (I initially budgeted more along the lines of 700$/year though, but I wasn't including the motor and battery replacement...)...
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    Maintenance costs

    Hello! I'm researching approximate figures for maintenance cost for commuting with an ebike. So far I've only found anecdotal estimates. I would be interested to hear from people commuting with an ebike for multiple years. My commute is 40 miles roundtrip, 3 days/week from April to October...
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    Juggernaut Hd Review- A Beast of a Bike- 100 out of 100 score from a return buyer.

    Would be interested by your powered experience also!
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    Admitted Faulty Product Design

    Reading this thread reminds me how we are lucky to have a "legal warranty" on purchased merchandises in Québec. It basically stipulates that goods have a warranty that covers a "reasonable amount of time given the price paid". Hence, a TV that cost 4000$ should last longer than one that cost...
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    Thanks for your answers! Maybe I should look at more powerful ebike motor if I want to do my 64km daily commute... !
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    Hello! I'm wondering about the power of the 28mph version of the Quick-E+. Are you able to maintain 28mph for, say, 10-12km? Or is the 28mph assist is more for punctual needs? I'm wondering if I need a stronger ebike motor for my need or if the PW-X or PW-X2 is enough. Thanks for any infos!
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    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    Take a look at planet3:
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    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    Hello! How the performance of the E8000 over 32km/h? Can you really sustain a 40-45km/h with this motor? just wondering because I haven't found a "class 3" bike with the E-8000 motor. Thanks!
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    If anyone wants a 2019 Quick e+ in Canada, there's a good deal here: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) I decided to wait for next september and see the 2021models!
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    2020 Giant E-Bike Models and Photos

    Right now, I have nothing! I'm shopping. From what I gathered, its clear I'm gonna need the range extender (625Wh total). Thats gonna be enough I think. Worst case scenario is to charge at work. So, while I'd like a solution for the complete 40miles commute, its OK if I manage only 25miles (that...
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    Mission Control App - Turbo Vado Solution Now Available

    Don't know how it works in other country but I would simply send them a formal notice. It usually works!
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    2020 GIANT Explore-E+ Maximum Range Expectations

    Très belle région! Je suis allé en vacances sur l'île Miscou en 2011. Vraiment génial!