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    Got a Motor Error (M-ERR) today. Bike shut down

    I also rewired my rear lights so both the seat and the rack light up. I'm at 1350 miles and have not seen the M-ERR problem.
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    Brakes still squeaking

    I've gotten the squeaking to reduce (but not disappear) by pedaling for a minute with the brakes lightly applied. This works pretty well after the brakes get wet as a way to dry them and reduce the squeakin.
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    New Turbo Rider

    I believe the Turbo has this feature as a safety measure -- if the battery is dead, pedaling the bike is enough to power the headlights and taillights. The capacitor is likely part of that safety feature.
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    Trouble turning turbo on

    My power button is a little finicky, but I haven't had that issue. I've found that I have to hold it down for about 5 seconds and then let go at just the right moment or it fails to turn on. When that happens, the next press, no matter how brief, turns it on. Also, for turning off at the end of...
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    Turbo mode throttle

    I've tried it a couple times and it does okay getting you up to 10mph but then it gets stuttery: alternately accelerating and decelerating. I couldn't see using it for any length of time while riding.
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    Phone holder for Turbo

    John, Yeah, I saw that one when I was searching, and it looks pretty good: low profile & sturdy connection to the bike, but I was worried that the case would be too bulky in my pocket. The Otter Box case is big enough that at work I sometimes just free the phone and use it without a case for the...
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    Phone holder for Turbo

    Hi. I bought my 2015 base Turbo three months ago as an environmental replacement for my car and have been riding it almost daily for my 10 mile (round trip) work commute and loving every second! One thing I wanted was a low-profile mount for my mobile phone and after looking online at many...