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    Specialized Electraks vs Schwalbe Marathon E+

    Schwalbe Almotion for the win. Honestly the best all round tires I've used. Don't last as long as the Marathons, but the compound is softer and offers better grip under most conditions.
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    Tour de “e” France

    You know that thing where people look at you on your ebike and say "that's cheating!". Ebike racing does sound like there are many more opportunities for cheating. I sort-of get the eMTB race where they set a highly technical course that genuinely tests the rider's skill. And then there is the...
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    Bosch Gen 4 Ebike Updates (More Torque, Improved eMTB Mode, Increased Power at Low Cadence, Navigation with Kiox, New Nyon for Europe & US)

    What version number is the new CX software update? Got new bike (Trek Rail) and not sure if it is with new software or not. Either way it feels really good.
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    Specialized Vado Firmware - very little motor drag after 4.0.1 firmware update

    Of course all the Vados in New Zealand are Class 3 enabled. You should come and live here, it's just better.
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    Specialized creo evo expert - rear rack?

    There are some things that are possible that you just shouldn't do...
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    2014 Turbo S - Still a good bike?

    Mine is an S from 2016 and has close to 30,000kms. The motor got a bit of an upgrade since 2014 but it's not a massive change. It is arguably still one of the best bikes on the road, and I've ridden lots. I added suspension forks which was a major upgrade, because if there is one criticism of...
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    Which frame lock mounts to the Specialized Turbo factory mounts?

    The positioning of the screw holes is just plain weird. My LBS tried and I subsequently tried too. We ended up just cable-tieing an Abus on. In the picture you can see that I have put it on the outside of the frame, but it is better if you put it on the inside, which is what the LBS had done. I...
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    Turbo Creo SL - Road Configuration vs. EVO

    I haven't ridden the road version but have ridden the Evo. For me, I'd go with the Evo. The dropper post is not long like on an Enduro bike but is actually quite nice for when you do hit the gravel and gives a better riding position for that. The bars aren't ridiculously flared either...
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    Vado 5 off road

    It's not that much different than a Levo hardtail. Front forks don't have as much travel, and tyres don't have as much grip. FWIW a skinny-tyred road bike can go off road too, so why not a Vado? In the Spesh range, the Creo does double duty as an on-road and gravel bike. Same bike, different tyres.
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    Range Extenders

    Giant is also doing a range extender and of course Focus were the first in with the concept. I'd love to see modular batteries stacked in the downtube, so you can choose your capacity.
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    Range Extenders

    Dave, the Levo SL/Creo range extenders aren't an option at all. Apart from have a different plug, they are 48V where your Vado is 36V. So not great... There are a couple of people looking to make Levo range extenders, which ought to be compatible then with Vado (actual wiring interface length...
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    New Specialized Levo SL

    I have been promised a review bike by Specialized some time in March, so hopefully you'll get to seen an objective review by someone who inhabits these forums :-)
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    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    The R&M bikes are wonderful. Every one I have ridden makes me think "Aah, that's how it should be"
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    Turbo (hub drive) powers on, lights cycle, but no power to wheel

    Obvious thought is the connector at the back. Might need some cleaning? My only major has been the connector where the battery mates with the bike. I have had to replace it as it wasn't making a good connection (I tried to 'help' it with some aluminium foil which then resulted in a melting...
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    Best tire for the wet

    I haven't any experience with the Infinity, but it is made with 70a rubber which is quite a hard compound, so I'd expect it to be long lasting. However my experience in rain is that harder compounds can be less grippy, and that's why I've stuck with the Schwalbe Almotions which have been...