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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    From the Sooke trail- Cowichan trail ,Vancouver Island PNW. homemade Surly Moonlander -grin 350w front hub-pas-36v 21.5ah battery, rode for 7 hrs with breaks on 1 charge.
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    I am in the ebike club - Brooklyn NY - Bullitt cargo bike with front hub motor

    Not alot, but some will remap depending which year they were made and which company made them..ezee controllers were made well and I have run older 36v systems with a 48v +52v battery with 60v caps for years ,but I was easy on them running a cycle analyst at 25 amps or less and made sure they...
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    I am in the ebike club - Brooklyn NY - Bullitt cargo bike with front hub motor

    Welcome to the Eclub..great looking rig.more than likely if it's an ezee controller it will have 60v caps..ya can't be sure but I've worked with quite a few ezee kits over the years.
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    Newbie here thinking of starting an e-bike tour company!

    Spent a brief period 9 days helping out a shop doing ebike rentals, first thing i noticed is 70% didnt pedal the bikes and ran out of battery 12ah in 30-45 min and 20 miles from the shop. i would designate someone to just ride the rental till it quit, then cut 15% off the total and that would be...
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    Newbie here thinking of starting an e-bike tour company!

    Hi Phil..Things of importance. 1 batteries over 12ah are expensive,and you will need bigger ah if you have rentals.. 2 insurance. 3 mechanic, or at least someone with DIY experience of ebikes on hand. 4 luck. Mark.
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    Noob question

    As l0ng as your not in, sand- salty -dirty mud conditions,do you have a geared hub or DD?
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    Hello from Manitoba

    Welcome trac 1 theres lots of info here,and people are friendly if you need to ask i lived in winnipeg for 1 winter in 96 and split that spring:).
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    Hello via SC ...

    Youre last bike,ha.... thats what i said. glad youre enjoying your focus, ebikes are a menace in a fun way.
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    Hi from San Diego,Ca

    Welcome Roflo-Its damn exciting isnt it! volt bikes seem good, fatbikes rule,tip- keep a log book on your tire inflation for efficiency from the get go.
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    Pictures of an E-Bike Adventure

    That looks like a awesome trip, how did you charge at the tesla terminal? all terminals where im at have plugs for a car only.
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    18650 battery wiring diagram, basic series / parallel connection

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) If its your first battery you might want to practice with a 48v 8 ah battery,spot welding 18650s is an art form-- which im not good at-- my first battery build had problems all the time and i just didnt think all the specialty work was something i was...
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    New from Olympic Peninsula

    Im from Victoria BC canada so im a hop skip and jump away,its awesome this area to ride in..its very exciting getting your bike and fenders are a must living in the pacific northwest!
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    Crank drag is killing me!

    I have only ridden a bbs01 mid drive and i felt it very difficult to pedal without power, best bet would be a bigger battery or a geared hub for easy pedalling and efficiency,like berry said try another bike see how it feels. level 1 is terrible on my system iirc 7mph!
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    ebike conversion kits

    If there is no markings on the hub and your responsible and use common sense, there will be no problems,if it makes you feel better buy a 500w sticker and apply to your motor.