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    CDC 2019 to 2020 US flu season estimates

    It's true that the ship had a larger number of older passengers. Considering 34 percent of US citizens are over 50, the numbers are still sobering. At least the plan for reopening the economy falls into line with the "flatten the curve" concept. One less mystery...
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    CDC 2019 to 2020 US flu season estimates

    The Diamond Princess cruise ship was an excellent population sample from which to extrapolate data. Since every passenger was tested, asymptomatic cases were included. According to the worldometer website, there were 712 cases, of which 12 have died so far, (and there are still 7 in serious...
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    Tern GSD vs. Pedego Stretch?

    How are you enjoying your GSD?
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    Riese & Muller Tinker

    I love this thread. The Tinker vs. Vektron discussion has been enlightening. To add another bike to the mix, what about the Tinker Vario vs. Tern HSD S8I. Both are non-folding compact bikes with belt drives.
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    check out this ebike .

    Oh man, seems like patting yur head while rubbing the tummy... Neat idea, but I think I would rather just stand...
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    Over50's Charger Chronicles

    How do you find the weight/handling, etc... especially compared to the bikes you rode in D.C.? Looks great!
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    Over50's Charger Chronicles

    Very cool, looking forward to your review!
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    Two wheels and a motor ... Kinda ... Fun read

    Thanks for posting this...:eek:
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    Buying a used ebike- Easy Motion Neo 29er

    I wouldn't worry about the mileage as much as the 3 year old battery. Figure in the cost of battery replacement as part of the purchase price. (Unless the battery was replaced within the last year). Once you add in the battery cost, then compare that bike to others.
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    ISO Canadian fat tire e-bike

    Ohm makes nice bikes. Have to shop around to stay in your budget though. Not sure how fat you are lookin'...
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    Hello from hilly Southbury CT

    An unusually astute observation and description of one's local topography... Are you a geoscientist, surveyor, or the like; or merely an avid bicyclist that wanted to know the lay of the land?
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    Haibike All Mountain Pro Question/Help

    It is a Bosch motor. Don't do anything to it. If you want more speed, sell the bike and replace with a speed pedelec. Bosch does make a high speed motor, but you can't swap them out.
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    Riese & Müller or Riese & Mueller or Riese & Muller

    Had no idea how to get my phone to type ü, or any of those other types of characters! Thanks!
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    Forward vs. Upright riding for long touring

    Awesome! Thanks so much!
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    Forward vs. Upright riding for long touring

    For the sake of this post, lets say "long" distance is 80 miles in a day. If a rider goes 20mph, then it means sitting on the bike for 4 hours.... Sheesh, seems like a person could double it! But I digress... So, if comfort cruisers are comfortable, would it make sense to enjoy the upright...