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    Espin Aero

    Looks like big sale on Aero. Price reduced to $799 and less if you buy another Espin bike. The Espin folding bike Nesta is $100 off.
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    What mods have you made to sport?

    Got some mountain bike pedals with pins, five ten mountain bike shoes, both to keep my foot from slipping off stock pedals. Also got a water bottle holder that attaches to handlebar from Amazon. Tried several water bottle holders before I found one that works. I bought another seat ( cloud 9)...
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    Big Guy 6.3, 360 lb, 60 yr. In need of true advice

    Cycle shoes that grip are a good idea. Might try pedals with more grip also.
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    Storing My Neo for 3 Months

    I stored my ebike with a charged battery over the winter and it was fine. It is an Espin Sport, 500 watt hub motor.
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    UPDATE: GOT IT! $2kish & 36" inseam, 16mile Commute - DECIDED: RIDEAL! -

    You might want to consider the Espin Nero with 750 watt nominal motor, well made rear hub, fat tire, it is easy to mount with step thru design and would fit you. It is a big bike, about 75 lbs. fat tires, suspension fork, but no worries if you will not be carrying it upstairs. Good battery...
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    New ebiker. About to buy. But nothing available

    Espin Flow is a well equipped bike that would seem to meet your needs. Espin says they are available to ship. I have the similar Espin Sport. Quality bike, no issues. Would fit both of you.
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    Looking for a solution for lost key

    Lectric told us every bike is keyed uniquely. My daughter thought she lost her keys. I ordered blanks from Lectric then she found her keys. Lectric said without original key you need a key blank and locksmith to cut a new key.
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    Aventon Aventure Reviews

    We have an Espin Nero. Similar except battery is exposed and 1 step through style. It's suspension fork has 100 mm travel. Similar weight. 4 inch tires. 750 w/1000 w peak motor. Comes with fenders, hydraulic brakes, color display, locking grips. Cost now $1499. We got ours for introductory price...
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    Big Guy 6.3, 360 lb, 60 yr. In need of true advice

    Another option for your grandchildren for activities unrelated to phones and electronics is Scouts. I am a scout volunteer and one great thing is having young people appreciate nature and develop outdoor and life skills. All are welcome. As for you, given your knee issues I would favor a hub...
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    72 years old, need recommendations

    Chosing a bike is a very individual choice. A lot depends on size, use, what you are willing to pay, etc. If you can it would be best to try riding some - rental or bike shop but you seem to have neither close by. My suggestion is a popular e bike, very versatile and fairly inexpensive --the...
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    Lectric XP 2.0 w/ Thorough Review (link @ the beginning of the post)

    Like the review. I think there are a lot of improvements. I like the 3 inch wheels, wider handlebars and suspension fork. It will sell.
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    Most have seen this review, some have not. This review IS one of the main reasons I decided on Lectric eBikes

    I have several e bikes. One is an Lectric xp step thru. My 21 yo 5'4" daughter rides it. The Lectric xp is a very versatile bike. It can fit a wide range of riders. It is adjustable and the step thru is approachable for shorter riders and riders with mobility issues. By most accounts it is...
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    Be careful selling your ebike!

    I once saw something similar at a bike store. Store let customer test drive bike without holding his ID. He never returned from his test drive.
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    R1U or Espin Sport/flow?

    We have an Espin Sport, an Espin Nero and a Ride1up 500. I like the Espin Sport I bought in 2020 but it can go faster than 20 mph. The Nero is heavier and is a fat tire bike but it is also step thru, and has a more powerful motor 750/1000 watts. Ours came with rack, lights, fenders, etc. The...
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    Nireeka Prime 1.5kW high-power 37mph e-bike enters the ring

    That remark is offensive. What the poster was saying is that under Federal law, discussed in another thread, an electric bike that reaches speeds of more than 20 miles an hour on throttle alone does not meet the Federal definition of an e bike. And such bikes cannot be legally sold in the US...