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    Bike To Bike Communication

    This is an important point. The brain uses three cues to locate the source of sound: interaural time difference (ITD—the sound propagation time between the two ears), interaural level difference (ILD—the intensity difference between the two ears for the same sound), and the spectral composition...
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    [Tip] Yamaha PW - How to check the number of cycles & absolute battery capacity

    After 4 years and 10,000 miles on my 2016 Haibike AllMtn Plus: between 401 and 500 cycles (LED's 1, 2, and 3 blinking). absolute battery capacity between 50% and 75% (all four LED's on). Of course, it might be that after the first year it was 95%, after the second 90%, the third 85%, and now...
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    Bike To Bike Communication

    I finally received my two R1's yesterday, June 20, after ordering them on June 8. Sena's shipping department is really slow, though they were very fast to charge my credit card. Charged the helmets and now I have to set them up.
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    Bike To Bike Communication

    I ordered two R1's on June 8, a large in Electric Tangerine, and a medium in Ice Blue from the Sena website. Both helmets were in stock at the time of ordering. I got an email confirmation that my order had been received. On June 10 I got an email saying that my order had been "approved" (I...
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    Single parent compact ebike advice

    I just ordered a Tern HSD. It will be here in about a week. Both the Tern HSD and the Tern GSD are compatible with Thule Yepp child seats, and Tern sells a Captain's Chair and a Clubhouse for both HSD and GSD. Personally, I am getting the Sidekick Seat Pad, the Sidekick Bars, and the Sidekick...
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    Which Rack Design do you prefer?

    Correct. Perhaps I misunderstood @steve mercier comment.
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    Which Rack Design do you prefer?

    My Old Man Mountain rack offers both. It's not an either or question. As I said, the OMM rack is mounted on a Haibike FULL SUSPENSION mountain bike. The rack moves as one unit with the rear wheel assembly. In addition to being attached to both sides of the axle, it is also attached to the left...
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    Which Rack Design do you prefer?

    Nice job, Ravi! This appears to be a cantilever design, right? A stronger design would be one supported by the axle itself, a la Old Man Mountain. I have an Old Man Mountain rack on my full suspension Haibike e-mountain bike, and it is VERY sturdy. I carry delicate photo equipment in my...
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    Haibike Sdurro FullSeven LT 9.0 in the house...

    Congratulations! I have the 2016 version of that bike. It has proven to be a great ride, very durable. Almost 9,000 miles and no electrical problems whatsoever! Have fun!
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    How long can you expect an e-bike to last?

    Anectodal evidence is not good science. You would have to collect evidence from hundreds of thousands of users to draw firm conclusions. Not that anectodal evidence is not useful. It's better than nothing. With these words of caution I offer my own experience: I have nearly 9,000 miles and 3 ½...
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    Handlebars: Back sweep angle?

    Jones H-bar. 45 degree sweep. As @Asher and others have noted, a 45-degree sweep places your wrists, hands, and elbows in the most natural position.
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    How do you get onto your high-step mid-motor e-bikes?

    I do it the forbidden way all the time. I've been mounting that way for 65 years. My Yamaha motor provides full torque the moment you press lightly on the pedals, so I restrain my horse by pulling on the brakes. The trick is to release the brakes just as you are swinging your leg over the back...
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    Anyone Using Full Suspension EMTB as Their Only Bike ?

    Old Man Mountain was purchased by The Robert Axle Project a few months ago. Not sure if Channing Hammond (the founder of OMM) is still involved. The Robert Axle project provides the longer axles necessary for OMM racks to clamp onto and provide a very secure support. The OMM Sherpa rack was the...
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    Anyone Using Full Suspension EMTB as Their Only Bike ?

    I ride a 2016 Haibike Sduro Full Seven AllMtn Plus and I rarely ride my three conventional bikes. (In 2016 Haibike's naming convention translated thus: Sduro=Yamaha motor; Full=full suspension; Seven=27.5-inch wheels; AllMtn=mountain bike; Plus=3-inch wide tires.) I have about 8,700 miles on it...