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    Known Issues & Problems with Gazelle Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Here you go. I've had constant problems with the front brake. The air intake meant that the caliper never fully released, so the front pads were gone after 1200 miles and the resistance meant I never got a full range from the battery. When E-bikery drained the caliper from the bottom the seal...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Gazelle Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I've had my Ultimate T10+ for 11 months. Consistent problems with the front brake hosing absorbing air. Finally identified as a bad / non-existent plug seal on the caliper. Beyond my technical ken, and the seller didn't pick it up at all. Luckily local Gazelle service location (E-bikery in Santa...
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    2019 Gazelle Arroyo accessories that fit

    Just another 'yes' to the Ortliebs - they work perfectly on my T10+. I had a frustrating experience with Arkel. They were adamant that their bag would fit until I sent a picture, at which point they said it would never fit! Not the easiest or cheapest return, either, so the whole experience was...
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    Gazelle T10+ Standover Height

    I'd go for the 'mid' step if you have any doubts. However, the Gazelle crew have replied to reviews here (see Tina's comment here:, so if I were you I'd ask them directly. The bike itself is fabulous.
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    Gazelle T10+ Standover Height

    Yes, check it as it's high. I lean it when I stop, and I've got the mid step in medium. 31ish inseem and 5'11". That said, I find it perfectly safe, just took some getting used to.
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    Ultimate T10 + rack system

    Just saw this. I found that Arkel didn't fit. Ortlieb did. It's not a round bar, but anything that fits 16mm should work. Check return details - I had a strange experience with Arkel returning my bag to them.