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    Hello has anyone used a Seasucker Trike Rack ? I’m thinking about trying it on a small SUV rear hatch door.
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    Evelo Aries Mid-Drive 2019 SOLD

    I bought this 2019 Evelo Aries mid drive with the 750 W motor in it a few months ago. At the time my health issues were getting better and I thought I would be able to ride a two wheeler. Since then my balancing issues have got worse and I need to sell this bike it only has 5 miles on it. Asking...
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    I know this is an ebike forum, but does anyone have any experience with the TerraTrike E.V.O.? I live in a hilly neighborhood and was wondering about the climbing ability of the trike ?
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    As usual Evelo took care of me and the problem 👍
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    Sorry, here is the picture of the unit on my Aurora that the part connects to.
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    Hello, I have been having a problem trying to send a request form to Evelo for a part that I have broken. Everytime I try to send the form it won’t send. This is the part that I broke (see file). Does anyone else have this
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    New Compass

    Hello, I have an Evelo Compass that has shipped and will arrive next Wednesday. My question is about lighting on the bike. I know that it comes with a headlight but what about tail/ brake lights? I see where Evelo doesn’t put the lights on the rear fenders anymore which is fine with me as I...
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    Addmoto M-360 Advice

    Hello, I’m new here and new to the e-bike scene. I’m 63 and have had a broken back and neck and have bad knees ?‍♂️. I have been looking at getting an e-trike to try to get back to exercising on a regular basis. I live in a very hilly area and think that the M-360 would be perfect for what I...