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    Will 2018 be a "Big Year" for eBikes?

    Here's an interesting concept -- "... the first ever electric EnduroCross eMTB race series. It will be at events and in conjunction to the national indoor off-road AMA EnduroCross Series." "EnduroCross is a hybrid motorcycle competition, combining super cross, trials, and endure racing. The...
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    Chinese company, not US. Does that even matter? Transparency does.

    I agree with you on the transparency issue. As for the quality of the bike, all you can really do is read the specs and watch/read the reviews and make your best judgement about the bike. Warranty? Who knows what you will get. But on the resale value? That's an industry problem from the...
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    Buying a bike on-line and wanting a local shop to do warranty service

    I disagree with the bike shop is similar to a car dealership analogy I've read on this and other threads recently. It's not similar at all. Sure it would be nice if there was full coverage wherever we took our bikes but that's not how it works right now. Part of the blame falls on the buyer as...
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    Buying a bike on-line and wanting a local shop to do warranty service

    If you take a bike to a shop that didn't sell it to you then the best you'll get for covered warranty work is replacement parts free but you pay for labor. Haibike website-- When you bought your Haibike you made a legal contract with your dealer. If warranty and liability claims or any other...
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    Are there Trunk Racks strong enough for an ebike?

    Have you tried Uhaul? They'll sell you the hitch and install it too.
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    Polaris Stride Battery wanted

    Just saw this on ebay.
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    Pon Holdings makes offer to buy Accell Group Parent of Haibike

    I had to search for it but I think this is it.
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    Depreciation of Electric Bikes

    For price discovery of any brand out there just do a targeted search on ebay -- sporting goods + cycling + brand name -- and then follow the results over time. I've done that for around a year and have noticed a drop in the prices bikes ultimately sell for. Sure many are listed much higher but...
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    Riding the new ST2 s

    That is stunning data with ebikes at almost a quarter of all sales. I can't even imagine what the US market would look like with those numbers. I don't know what the population of Switzerland is but it's already at 50% of all North American ebike sales. They must have great bike lanes and be a...
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    Riding the new ST2 s

    Faulty data, indeed. 150,ooo in ebike sales for North America in 2016.
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    Riding the new ST2 s

    It was an 'estimate' from a 2010 article.
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    Polaris No Longer Make eBikes

    Would it be possible to add a rear rack and then run a 48v battery directly to the hub motor? Don't most controllers have a range of acceptable voltage input? Or is the controller in the battery assembly and then only the proprietary battery would work. To me their battery was the fatal flaw...
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    Stomer self maintenance?

    Maybe the Sondors ebike Cort recently reviewed here: less proprietary parts and much cheaper so if the salt air just destroys it there is less monetary risk.
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    Front forks(shocks)

    Is there a range of fork travel that will work on a Stromer? You have 100mm but will other ranges work just as well? Specifically I'm asking about an ST1 Platinum 16.5 frame.
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    Warranty, second owner?

    I've heard (through Internet videos) that the Stromer warranty transferred to a second owner, like a car warranty, but was informed that is not necessarily the case by a Stromer official. This is the pertinent section of the email -- " Although we do not have this aspect of the warranty terms...