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    2013 Turbo Still going strong - although I am preparing to sell it

    Hello there, I just wanted to report and (ease some prospective buyers anxieties) that my 2013 Specialized Turbo is still going like it has the day I purchased it. I really do not see any reduction in battery life or detriment to the riding assist or speed. The bike literally goes just like it...
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    Life span of an eBike

    getting 20,000K out of a chain is a formidable task. Just sayin...
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    ST1, Forgotten Lock Code

    either 1234 or 0000 that is what it was for me
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    How was your 2017? Mileage? Significant events?

    I had over 121 rides for roughly 1800 miles on various bicycles from hybrid to touring to road to fat bike.
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    Tandem eBike ?

    that's a pretty cool bike. Imagine riding it on the GAP/C&O trail from Pittsburgh to Washington DC - ideal :-)
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    Concerned about my decision

    Makes life exciting to try new, progressive ways...
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    Concerned about my decision

    If you sell the car then you'd better invest in some least that is what I would do... electronic devices break, eventually and you want to be ready to deal with it without missing too many work arrivals :-)
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    Concerned about my decision

    that's a hard question to answer. Basically I pedal almost nonstop and I think it is at medium cadence (compared to my biking friends) . Because I also bike the same commute on non electric bikes I have to say that on a scale of 1 - 5 my e-bike commute is a 2 and my conventional bike commute is...
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    Concerned about my decision

    My 14 mile commute is between 600 and 700 feet elevation gain (depending on the direction of travel) and I average 20mph on my ebike. This is, however, 'moving speed'. Strava only records the stats when I'm on the move. Any stops at traffic lights etc ... are not counted into the equation.
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    Concerned about my decision

    It's what I do with my bike and it helps me deal with range anxiety and gives me additional insurance on downtime in case a charger broke or a battery broke. I keep one battery at work at all times along with the charger. When I arrive at work I plug the spent battery to be recharged and I use...
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    Trek 1120

    A friend of mine is planning on buying the 1120. There are some nice details on this bike that make it attractive. I love how the rear rack bag attachment works, I like the front rack that allows carrying bags without worrying about the bottom of the bag rubbing on the tires, I like the...
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    Concerned about my decision

    I would get a second charger and a second battery. Just my 2 cents ;-)
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    Winter Biking Advice From A Minnesotan

    btw. today I added fenders. :-) Yay! :-)
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    Winter Biking Advice From A Minnesotan

    I'm assuming you are asking about the tires on the Turbo. They are Nokian - Suomi W106 Tire 700 x 45C Wire Black I've had them for 3 years now. No flat tires... for some reason ...
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    SPECIALIZED TURBO X ELECTRIC BIKE rear hub noise. Any ideas?

    this is essentially how I think my Turbo will die. If that happens I'll either buy a new wheel or say good bye. My Turbo has by now paid for itself on the savings of commuting to work for the past 4 - 5 years.