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    Known Issues & Problems with Ride1Up Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I wanted to post this here again as a reminder - @harryS comment from one of the many threads for Ride1Up... I installed a Bafang hub drive on our ROLL and after 150 miles or so several spokes were quite loose. The spoke nipples are larger than a regular bike so stop in your LBS and get a...
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    Cooking on Tour

    50k miles with my JetBoil. Just fantastic. One trip we made 40 cups of coffee with two stoves. Just amazing. Boil water in 2 min. Doubles as a coffee press. Easiest and best performance on the market. I absolutely love mine. Have fun out there. 👍
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    Cooking on Tour

    JetBoil FTW. 👍 They have some great recipes on their site as well.
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    Did I buy a 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo?

    IMO when that many components are traded out/replaced on a new year model, there's a reason. I would opt for the latest model. That said, I passed on a ''20 Giant for a '19. There was just not that many differences in the bike. If the battery is much larger than the previous that could be the...
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    Why is there no forum for Frey bikes on the “Discussion by brand & user reviews” section of this website?

    I don't know why you would say a motor is 'not my thing', I have one. Either way, the motor is not the whole bike. If there are good third-party accessories, all the better. The quality may look just fine 'till you find some failure down the road, something of a proprietary design, maybe...
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    Current Felt eBikes on ebay: Redemption E50

    I wrote the ebay seller 'wheelsandsprockets' in Wisconsin and they were not at all helpful about how they would honor warranty coverage. After a few back-and-forths I gave up. I'm out. There's no way I would buy from them.
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    What's a good price for 2017 RadCity?

    Are you buying? Or selling? As an aside, I bought a new Specialized CrossRoads Elite in 2016 - has maybe a hundred miles on it - the top end one with carbon fork and Deore shifters, it's a super nice bike. They were about $700 new, I think I paid pretty close to that, maybe $600. It's a poor...
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    Why is there no forum for Frey bikes on the “Discussion by brand & user reviews” section of this website?

    What did you want to know about them? They're a direct seller in China, selling on alibaba or aliexpress. And yeah, 'half price' and 'high quality' seem mutually exclusive. 😁
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    2020 Giant Explore E+ 2 GTS, I think I found my bike!

    Rockform is excellent - had one on the BMW. And yes, your smart phone gives you nav and trip data just like a display. You need a way to power it though, it's a resource hog and will run your phone out in short order. It does work well though. Clutch? What clutch? LOL And the derailleur works...
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    Current Felt eBikes on ebay: Redemption E50

    Seems like a no-brainer. "Best Decender" here: They seem to be highly rated.
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    2020 Giant Explore E+ 2 GTS, I think I found my bike!

    Nothing special, and I didn't care much for them. They have some dirt-grip and are soft, so that's what they've got going for them. I thought larger tires would work better so I went with big apple 60's and they're great. If you want the best puncture resistance install the Marathons/plus. You...
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    What lithium battery is most trustworthy?

    ^^cheap packs - I'll bet those end-plate ties are paper thin, wonder if the're even welded. Maybe they have a machine that spot welds them. Anyway, don't drop that thing!! BOOM! 🤣 Oh, and lipos on a ebike? I'm just not ready for that yet. We use them for the RC cars and they puff very easily...
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    Larger batteries for Stance E+ Pro and Trance E+ Pro

    Trance is on my shortlist... Is your range lacking? I imagine someone like FTH could put the higher ah ells in your pack. You might inquire with them if you want a solution sooner rather than later. I couldn't tell you for sure if they could or not, but if there are cells available that would...
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    Virginia introduces 3-class ebike & cyclist protection legislation

    Hmmm...Virginia's on a roll. :rolleyes: In all seriousness, seems various entities are trying to conform to new fed regs. Here in CA, class1 and 2 are permitted wherever regular bikes can go, class 3 on non-shared or multi-use routes only. But nobody is checking it so class 3 bikes go...
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    2020 Giant Explore E+ 2 GTS, I think I found my bike!

    Yeah, that's the 'Lynx' model, right? One of our LBS's had one, sat on it, liked it. Yammer drive. Hoop-doop shocks. Very cool. I also looked at the Levo when we were up to the kid's place over Thanksgiving . The shop is right next door to a tap-room with 86 beers on tap. You can even walk over...