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    Torque sensor performance

    I'm curious. Is it all over the place if you're traveling on a flat, straight stretch? Mine varies with the load -- wind resistance, up and down hills, etc. That's because all it does is maintain a steady current, not a steady speed like a car's cruise control. If yours is surging or sagging...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Scorpion today

    @TMH I ordered the blue. That brushed aluminum is nice; I've liked it ever since they started making the CrossCurrents in that color. But the blue really does it for me, even more than the red I got on my CCS. I'm preparing myself to wait until the end of July, and willing to be pleasantly...
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    Brake confusion?

    The calculations of stopping power and distance are fascinating and I thank y'all for sharing them. Just thinking about my own experience without doing any testing or calculating, I can't imagine stopping from 35 within 15 feet on level ground, much less downhill. There's another physics...
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    Help choosing year-round commuter eBike for Wisconsin weather

    This is going to be kind of an odd suggestion, but you might like to consider the Scorpion by Juiced Bikes. It's got fenders and full suspension, which would be helpful for ice and snow. The main reason I suggest it is that you would have a lower center of gravity and the ability to put either...
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    Magura MT5e front RCS brake

    Thanks for the update. Always interesting to know what mods others are making.
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    Poor man's Satiator, smart home version

    Update: I usually don't ride the bike when voltage gets lower than 46 or so, which is 45% state of charge. Not because of battery longevity; that's just where I notice that performance starts to drop off sharply. I still get noticeable assistance lower than that -- I've never gone lower than...
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    Curious how others feel about class 3 speeds

    Yeah, you can't just look at the legislation. It's true that they didn't adopt the 3-class system in the law. But they made class 3 bikes, and anything less, legal. And the folks who push this 3-class plan were very active in lobbying. So it had its impact in making the law as generous as it is...
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    Curious how others feel about class 3 speeds

    I'm with everyone who thinks that the 3-class system is not workable. However, it was what got ebikes made legal as bicycles where I live in North Carolina. There was talk about making them mopeds. Which means registration and insurance. So if that's what it took for our legislators to decide...
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    Want to build a hunting bike with a hub motor

    This is from an article about physics and road bikes: "Let's just put in some values here. Suppose the bike plus rider has a mass of 75 kg with an average speed of 2 m/s. If the grade was 30, this would require a power of 441 Watts." 441 Watts is a lot for a human-powered bike. Not so much for...
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    CCS2 Upgrade

    52 volt battery, new controller. Not sure of any other changes.
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    Juiced Exclusive Bafang 1 kW motor

    That's a great question, Asher. The RCS came out after the switch to Sapim spokes, which helped immensely with the CCS spoke breakage. But would fat tires make even more difference? I hope some RCS owners might speak up. The mag wheels was one of the draws for the Scorpion, for me anyway. Now...
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    New rider!

    A little WD40 might penetrate and loosen it up. I'd try that first. Or, like @Sierratim said, find an allen wrench with a longer shank. And, welcome to ebikes and the EBR forum.
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    Curious how others feel about class 3 speeds

    I don't believe that is accurate. Cite your source, please.
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    Has anyone changed the handlebar on their CCX to a swept back bar?

    I used this riser to raise my CCS handlebars to a more comfortable height. Made a huge difference. You might also want an adjustable stem to rotate the handlebars closer to you. I've thought about it but never added it on.
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    Pulled the trigger on a Scorpion today

    I had an online chat with Kayla at JB today. They estimate they'll ship the Scorpions out of San Diego in July. Dejà vu for me. I had to wait 3 months to get my CCS, back in 2017. At least I have my CCS to ride while I wait this time.