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    Motor identification

    You have the 9 pin julet motor connector cable. They have a stamped number, something like D0817-36400-1424. look for that first. The Prodecotech part number does give some info, but not a lot. It's mostly stuff you already know. if you decide to go with an aftermarket, a pinout of the...
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    Prodecotech throttle...

    I drew a schematic of a twist grip throttle Prodecotech has used. It's attached.
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    Desparately in need of Prodecotech parts!

    I know it's December 2020 but if you haven't resolved your controller problem, go to American Cycle Center on E-bay. They still have stock of 36v 18a Prodecotech controllers. Also 48v 25a.
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    Current replacement battery option for a 2015 Dash.

    My suggestion is well after the fact. I own several prodecotech bikes. I have used Hi-C battery twice, but the better solution was buying direct from China through Alibaba. A $600 replacement/rebuild was $202 plus $74 shipping. My battery purchase was also 17.5 AH as opposed to 14AH...
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    Prodecotech electric bikes

    I should have mentioned to go through Alibaba for Heyi. Stateside prices are cut in half going manufacturer direct. None of these batteries are made in the US.
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    Hello All I have a throttle wiring issue

    I know Prodecotech is almost impossible to contact any more, they may be in receivership. You might try an email to Get whatever numbers you can off your motor controller and based on that (or your model and year) ask for a matching four wire controller. I got a new...
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    Prodecotech electric bikes

    Look up Hi-C battery in Littleton Colorado or go direct to Dongguan Heyi New Energy Co., Ltd. in China. They are OEM for most batteries sold in the US. Contact (Lindy Chen). She is extremely helpful.
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    Power cuts out on Genisis R 600

    Update on Dorado Samsung Batteries (Prodecotech down-tube). I'm using the 38V version and there are two usable versions, without considering Amp-hour ratings It gets slightly confusing as they are almost identical. The Saber lithium, in the Dorado series, is identical to the Prodecotech. The...
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    Prodecotech parts.

    As Prodecotech recedes into history, parts will continue to be a problem. On the Samsung down-tube battery bikes, the frame side of the battery connector becomes very intermittent, almost unusable. There was a thread posted that mentioned two other bike brands using this battery, but I was...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Prodeco Tech Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    One of the Prodecotech electrics I am running (I have three) is a Genesis DT400. It developed a problem in that it would not move even though all lights looked normal. Sometimes it would return to working order, but also sometimes wanted to go in reverse. Yes, that's correct! I also have a...
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    My Outlaw EX

    I had a Phantom XLi and a weld broke at the folding flanges. Dumped me to the ground. Took the bike to a fabricating shop that welded aluminum. They took out the folding flanges and added a gusset from the vertical tube out past where the folding flanges were. @$300, much cheaper than a bike...
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    Prodeco Battery Rebuilder

    HIC Battery in Littleton, Colorado is evaluating a third battery for me. Patrick Duggan. He also sells drop-in replacements for Prodecotech.
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    Power cuts out on Genisis R 600

    Yes, have had that problem. I tried many things, even bungee cording around the battery and frame. Get yourself a deepwell socket, I believe it's a 13/16ths SAE. Carefully tighten the nuts on the battery and frame connectors, the nuts are metal, but the threads are plastic. Check for loose...