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    Cycling Cameras for safety suggestion

    Wow good luck let us know how it works ... I just ordered the new GoPro Max 360 :)
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    Juiced bike or voltbike or...

    Sure, I just read his review. I think it's important never to diminish the experience each has, so I'm sure his criticisms are true but only specific to his experience. It has no reflection on the bike overall. If you look at the Juiced facebook groups, there are several who post almost daily...
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    Juiced bike or voltbike or...

    I bought the CCS2 2 months ago. As I tell everyone my review is based solely on my only Ebike experience. The Ebike experience is awesome. The CCS2 is a blast over 500 miles so far. Again I have nothing to compare it to, so I think overall most Ebikes would give close to the same...
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    MAN I NEED HELP choosing bike

    As a new Ebike rider I would like to add that there are great deals online and that does not mean they are inferior to those sold at LBS. People will tout going locally BUT if your local bike shop is not in riding distance and you don't have a hitch mounted rack, then how are you supposed to...
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    MAN I NEED HELP choosing bike

    I too was looking for an Ebike a couple moths ago. After researching, I bought the Juiced ccs2 with free fenders and rack and 52v battery. I decided I wanted a rear hub drive as the bike will still get you home should the chain break or fall off etc (and that did happen about half mile from...
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    CCS2 Triangle bag

    I found this triangle bag, fits perfect in the CCS2
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    What top speed to get?

    I can tell you I had several emails with Juiced as well as researching and factually the bike comes with a class 2 sticker. They have said it ships as class 2 BUT you can change it if you like. I have kept mine as is :) In addition the photo you showed is not a sticker. The class sticker is...
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    New CCS2 Battery Usage

    Oh no its the same course each time and basically the same weather.
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    New CCS2 Battery Usage

    Purchased a CCS2 approx 5 weeks ago. A typical 20 mile ride with 95% eco used to use only approx 20% of the battery. Today I went 21 miles mostly on eco and now 50% of the battery is remaining. I hope that trend does not continue :(
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    What top speed to get?

    The Juiced ccs2 comes with a class 2 sticker But you can change it to class 3 when needed
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    Is the CrossCurrent S2 52V the best value and speed and range for the money??

    I have had my CCS2 for approx a month ...Just finished 21 mile ride today, about 95% on eco , showed about 35% usage
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    New Ebike adjustments Velotooler recommened

    I purchased a new Juiced Ebike approx 4 weeks ago --- I have 150 miles on it and noticed the gears were not switching properly, one time the chain fell off. I called Juiced, they told me that new bikes have a "breakin" period and typically the shifter and derailleur need to be adjusted. Since...
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    Has anyone tried Trieye Glasses ?

    Yes they look interesting.
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    Has anyone tried Trieye Glasses ?
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    Bike Computer suggestions for under $200

    ummm yes thats a good one ---but was looking for something under $200